Here's How Last Night's Storm In Karachi Has Turned Into A Series Of Massive Unfortunate Events

By Hurmat Riaz | 22 Aug, 2017

Karachi either doesn’t get any rain throughout the season or when it finally rains, it pours so much that it doesn’t stop for days. That’s what has been going on lately in the city of lights.


It finally started raining yesterday afternoon and people of city were ecstatic.

They couldn’t believe, one minute it was a blazing sun and the next moment there was an army of clouds approaching


This is how Karachi’s sky looked last night.

And for some, Monday got a whole lot better.

But then… things took a darker turn

Quite literally

People started tweeting to K Electric on the bijli situation.

But all the quick responsiveness of K-Electric was bekaar in front of the massive rainstorm that was happening

No bijli, no bijli, no bijli..

After the rain, there are unwanted smells around the city

The streets are flooded and people’s vehicles are ruined

And the rain that people were celebrating has taken some lives

Not what we actually wanted from the rain 🙁

And it’s still raining, in some parts of the city, btw

Karachi’s Mayor has put out emergency contact numbers, in case something unfortunate happens.

Stay safe, Karachi.

People of Karachi have their sense of humor intact in this rather dreary time

According to the Met department, this spell of rain will continue till Wednesday.

So, stay tight, the whole country’s with you.


Source: Walt Disney Pictures


The city may look beautiful but it’s become literal hell for many. Stay safe, Karachi walo.


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