Things Every 90's Kid Remembers (And Sometimes Secretly Misses) About Star Plus Dramas

By Haadia Paracha | 31 Jan, 2017

Every kid that grew up in the 90’s knows the obsession with Star Plus dramas a little too well. Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu ThiKasauti Zindagi Ki and Kahin Tou Hoga were quite the rage back then. The storyline was really something. Everybody had a jurrwa from dusra janam or simply just doppelgangers that conveniently showed up. The plotholes were endless, people died and came back to life like afterlife was just one big fat joke. Oh, but the greatest thing since sliced bread HAD to be the camera angles paired with *dishumdishumdishum* sound effects.

Star Plus really revolutionalized the whole soap watching experience brought to local television.

One @LeenaAlvi tweeted some very comical tweets around just this that was just TOO good to pass on.

The time Anurag Basu had some very grounded “doubts” about his bloodline.


A casual dig at how numbers were literally just pulled out of the ass.

Star plus dramas meme
Source: @LeenaAlvi Via: Twitter

The number of episodes defied all logic and quite frankly, gave “The Bold And The Beautiful a run for their money.

Star plus dramas meme
Source: @LeenaAlvi Via: Twitter

Case in point: Kyunkay Saas Bhi Kabhi  Bahu Thi; debuted in 2000 and ran through 2008. That’s some solid commitment right there.

The very obvious lack of trust. I mean, what’s a girl gotta do to make you happy Mr. Sujhal-bloodeh-Garewal? GOSHHHHH.

Source: @LeenaAlvi Via: Twitter


The ultimate betrayal cuz Star Plus was JUST. THAT. EXTRA.

Source: @LeenaAlvi Via: Twitter


The time when Star Plus gave us the best meme gems.

Star Plus meme gold
Source: @LeenaAlvi Via: Twitter


We’ve all…pretty much…umm…been there and done that.

Source: @LeenaAlvi Via: Twitter


The deaths and resurrections that were minor inconveniences.

Source: @LeenaAlvi Via: Twitter

That look the aunties always give you? Something borrowed.

Source: @LeenaAlvi Via: Twitter

10/10 have felt the pain.

Source: @LeenaAlvi Via: Twitter


Pizza is love. Pizza is life.

Source: @LeenaAlvi Via: Twitter

Only 90’s kids would understand…


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Cover Image via: Balaji Telefims / Star Plus

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