Every 90’s Kid’s Dreams Have Come True Because This Iconic Star Plus Show Might Be Coming Back

By Sarah Babar | 20 Feb, 2018

You know when you have those days when you’re binge-watching old shows wishing they would come back on air because you miss them so much? And remember those old Star Plus dramas that you used to wait for, every day after school? Well, don’t worry any more because one of your favorite shows miiiiight just be coming back, and well, please try breathing


Listen to this while reading this piece, you’ll thank us later


Did you guess what drama it is? What about now?

Source: indianwomenblog.org


Youuuu guessed it! “Kasautii Zindagii Kay” might just be coming back on air and please try keeping calm

Source: vagabomb.com


Ekta Kapoor, the K-Serial Queen, hinted at a possible comeback of the much coveted Star Plus drama that took up most of our childhoods

Source: @ektaravikapoor / Instagram

She put up this image with a caption that said

” With a piece of my broken heart I wrote in 2001 …17 years later I ‘ reboot’ it dipping it in personal pain and lacing it with experiences of an older me! Bringing back my most successful love saga that ran for 9 years!!! Again I’ll take my broken heart n make it into art!!! #namestobeannounced#waitfortheannouncement “



Source: @paradoxikay / Tumblr

That’s how our minds and hearts opened up when we heard the news. We’re more than ready to jump on the binge-watch train with Mr Bajaj, Anurag, Prerna and OF COURSE Komolika!


We’re not the only ones who picked up on this cuz y’all seem pretty excited, too

Source: @puneetkhuranaa / Twitter


OMG we sure hope so

Source: @farzanax_ / Twitter


We don’t know about that but yeh bhi manzoor hai

Source: @silentsparks / Twitter


This person had a list of demands before the show goes into production

Source: @akm07 / Twitter


While this is true, we personally think everyone wants a good old bite out of the nostalgia cake!

Sourcce: @onlyblacksheep / Twitter


How excited are you about “Kasautii Zindagii Kay” possibly making a comeback?



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