[Spoiler] Was Exposed In “Riverdale” And People All Over The World Are Freaking Out

By Arslan Athar | 17 May, 2019

*If you’re a Riverdale fan and haven’t seen the latest episode, then you must be warned that there are some MAJOR spoilers coming up*


Season 3 of the Riverdale has been quite a rollercoaster ride. Some of the wackiest things happened and boy oh boy was there just SO much fighting happening. There were points when I was just done with how much was happening in the show- I mean, there’s The Farm, the Gargoyle King, the Black Hood, Hiram Lodge and just oh so much. That town is MESSED UP.

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This season finale brought so much together and literally left me gasping for air, because like, SO MUCH HAPPENED. 

The most major development happens between the four friends and Penelope Blossom, who turns out to be the ringmaster to both the Black Hood and the Gargoyle King. Both these villains also reveal their true identity; the Black Hood, of course, being Hal Cooper. The biggest shock of the episode had to be that Chic was the Gargoyle King. It was long believed that Hal had killed Chic, but it turns out he spared him and used him for further evil. Upon the reveal, Penelope gives the four friends their final mission- survive the night in the forest and come out alive.

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At the same time, Cheryl is trying to get out of ‘The Farm’ and finds an unlikely ally in Alice Cooper, who led her to the only way out. After Betty finds out about The Farm’s actual activity, Mr. Evernever starts to move things and demands that all his disciples ‘descend’ to the next level, immediately. In the meanwhile, Cheryl runs for her life and finally reaches home and finally comes to her friends’ rescue as they end their survival mission in the forest.

The show ends with the most shocking cliffhanger like EVER.

Betty, Veronica, Archie and Jughead are all sitting at Pop’s, promising to stay friends forever, and while they do this, the show cuts to the future. Betty, Archie, and Veronica are all standing in their underwear, covered in blood and a fire is burning in front of them. Betty tells Archie to burn Jughead’s beanie and also to destroy all the evidence.

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The world has been shook ever since. 



Fans could not digest the end. 


People couldn’t get over Penelope’s obsession with Jason.


Fans were also blown away with who actually turned out to be the Gargoyle King. 


And people were all loving Alice Cooper! 

It turns out she was an informant for the FBI and works with them to bring down ‘The Farm’.


Fans were apologizing for ever doubting her.

That brings me to the love people have for the FBI agent, who is also Jug and Betty’s half-sibling. 



Which leaves way too many questions unanswered.

Basically, the wait for the next season is now intolerable.


If you thought you’d gotten Riverdale figured out, this episode would prove you wrong. 


Take a bow, Riverdale. 

Have you seen the latest episode? Let us know what you think 🙂

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