Someone Pointed Out How Fahad Mustafa Looks Like Deepika Padukone In A Beard & Desi Internet Is Losing Its Mind

By Bareera | 1 Mar, 2021

Fahad Mustafa and Deepika Padukone are the unlikeliest of lookalikes ever

Yes, they’ve done it again. Another day, another doppelgänger. This time it’s none other than Fahad Mustafa being a lookalike for a very, very unlikely person. I mean, for a person who shows up on your television screens almost every night the discovery should have been made a long time ago but der aye darust aye. Let’s dive into it, shall we?


It all started with a Twitter user pointing out how Fahad Mustafa looks like Deepika Padukone in a beard, to them


Of course, with how uncanny it is many people began agreeing with them


Some people even confirmed for themselves with a gender swap filter and IT IS UNCANNY 💀💀💀


Understandably some people were quite uncomfortable with this revelation of Fahad Mustafa and Deepika Padukone bringing us the crossover no one ever asked for


And there were other comparisons as well

People are of the opinion that Fahad looks more like Indian actor Shreyas Talpade. While, yes that may be the case in this particular angle, the Deepika comparison takes the cake tbh because of how EPICALLY wild it is.


Honestly, now whenever I see Fahad on his show Jeeto Pakistan, or anywhere on my social media, all I will see is Deepika Padukone with a beard. When I see him talk on his show, all I will imagine is him saying, “aik chutki sindoor ki qeemat, tum kya jaano… Ramesha Babu.” As much as I hate to admit this, my brain can’t seem to think otherwise.

Tell us what you feel about this weird resemblance in the comments section. And yeah, we are open to more suggestions, so do tell us if you have any other comparisons going on in your mind lol.


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Cover image: @its_Exorcist via Twitter / Red Chillies Entertainment

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