Someone Claimed Double Roti Is Actually Called Dabba Roti & Pakistani Internet Is Having A Literal Meltdown

By Sannia Bilal | 3 Mar, 2020

Double roti or Dabba roti?

Lo and behold! Desi Twitter has once again been divided. And this time around the argument under question is quite amusing. It’s over none other than bread. We’ve all been eating bread since our bachpan. In fact, it’s possibly the first food some mothers give to their babies by drenching it in milk because it is a soft food hence easy to digest. But who would’ve thought that the humble bread would divide Pakistani social media so aggressively.


It all started when someone claimed that the Urdu term for bread “double roti” is, in fact, “dabba roti“.

We’ve all been calling it double roti (or even dabbar roti, if you’re anything like me lol) but quite a few, I’d even go as far as to call it the majority, had never heard the term dabba roti. Btw, according to the guy who has triggered Pakistani social media, his logic has been that because a loaf, or slice, of bread looks like a box it makes sense to call it dabba roti.


Of course, that triggered Pakistanis who’ve never heard the trusty daily breakfast accompaniment to our jams and makhan be called dabba roti


And then, before we knew it, people came up with their theories to justify the authentication of calling bread double roti or dabba roti


Armchair historians and online theorists began sharing their valuable knowledge about bread


Some people were just shocked at the realization that it does make actual sense to call it dabba roti and not double roti


Many, many people were just really uncomfortable at having to confront at the possibility of years of understanding and language being erased with one simple tweet

Then this super sleuth dug some cold hard facts to support calling it double roti

And well, what do you know, it ACTUALLY makes sense!


But the person who initiated this feud refused to give up


Other refuted the claim by sharing that there’s no entry in the Urdu dictionary known as dabba roti


Seriously though, these theories are gold.

Nothing whips up Pakistani intellectuals on social media than a random ass claim about the most random ass object done only to trigger people.


Suffice to say, whatever the odds between, a paratha is all we really need in our lives

Khair, I tried to find out what the correct term to, you know, “independently” verify this debate but have reached no concrete results. Apparently, this seems to be the first time this question has been put forth.

What do you think? Should we go with “double roti”, or do you think it’s “dabba roti”? Vote below to get your name registered in this important debate of a lifetime:


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