I Have Suffered Severe Anxiety Issues Because Of My Acne And Here's How I'm Trying To Overcome It

By Aam Nawab | 20 Sep, 2018

Let’s face it, growing up can be tough. Really annoyingly, stupidly, devastatingly tough. And on top of that, bodily changes don’t make anything any easier.

Acne, being one of them.


Anyone who suffers or has suffered from acne can attest to the fact that it is a complete self-esteem killer

It makes everything in life hard and not to be dramatic, but for some, can be quite paralyzing in social situations.

But here’s the thing, we’re all in the same boat and I promise you, we’ve all been there. SO, with that being said, I thought it could help to write about it. About ACNE.

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So, let’s get one thing straight. Acne SUCKS. And it really really sucks when everyone around you has perfect skin and they complain about getting a single pimple. Acne comes with anxiety, it’s as simple as that.

But more than not having people to feel your acne pain and anxiety, it’s more about being excluded by the people you’re around.


This is anxiety issue number one; always having the feeling that somehow you are lesser than the people around you, whether they know it or not

With acne on your face, I’ve always had the fear that it’s some kind of deformity that makes my face appear “odd” to others. And that is a big confidence buster. Your self esteem can take a nosedive because of feelings like that.

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Though my skin irritability has gone quite down, I still do sometimes suffer from the anxiety that my looks or beauty may be setting me apart for the wrong reasons. It’s horrible and it’s the worst feeling, but it just comes with the territory. You feel imperfect.


Which brings me to anxiety issue number two; feeling like people are constantly staring at your acne.

Yes yes, this is probably not true at all and people without acne or skin imperfections may not understand this, but it’s true. When you’re in conversation with someone and they are staring at your face, your first reaction probably won’t be to blush, it’ll probably be you thinking that the person across from you is staring at your acne. Great.

No matter how much you cover it up, you feel as though people can see right through you.

You can have all the best concealers, the best foundations, coverups – blah blah blah. You still won’t feel as though your skin is completely hidden from the world. People will still be able to see the scars, the marks, and the imperfections. No matter how dressed up you get, no matter what outfit you have on, it will always be a thought in the back of your mind.

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Another anxiety issue of mine is the feeling that your anxiety will consume you completely. This is probably the biggest factor that gives me anxiety about my acne; will it EVER go away?

Believe me, BELIEVE ME, I tried every single thing to get my acne to go away and then I also tried the other option, doing absolutely nothing and allowing nature to take its course. Neither helped me in feeling as though my anxiety was going away.

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I’m not going to say don’t try to remedy yourself of acne, because each and every one of us is different. We all have different skin and we all have different eating habits. So based on your own analysis and consultations, your doctor may have certain procedures and solutions for you.

No matter what you decide to do, there is one thing to keep in mind: you cannot let your anxiety eat you away.


What’s the purpose of me sharing my struggles with being anxious about my acne?

Basically, it’s not to give anyone a lesson. It’s to help reach out to people who’re in similar situations so we can all realize, it’s not an “abnormality” that should make you an outcast. Nothing should make you can outcast, tbh.

You have to try and not let your anxiety consume you. Acne can be a very hard thing to deal with, but I promise you, it is not everything. The pimples will go away and the scarring will fade, but the same may not be said about your emotions. Anxiety is a major issue. Just know, that you are not alone in how you feel.


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