So, Rana Sanaullah Just Asked Sheikh Rasheed To Prove His Sex

By Arslan Athar | 4 Jan, 2019

You can’t make this shit up…

Rana Sanaullah is a staunch noon league-y, and Sheikh Rasheed is a staunch PTI wala. 


The two men have been locking heads over political matters for like an eternity. 

As the cases regarding Nawaz Sharif have been swirling in the news, Rana Sahab and Sheikh Rasheed have attacked each other verbally.



This feud got pretty intense today when Rana Sanaullah appealed to the National Assembly to scrutinize Sheikh Rasheed on his gender. 

In a video, Rana Sanaullah is seen asking the speaker of the National Assembly to send Sheikh Rasheed for a medical test to ascertain whether or not he’s a man. According to Sanaullah, Rasheed is a fraudiya, and cannot be trusted.


This is a new low for Rana Sanaullah. 

Like WTF even, bro! There’s political mudslinging and then there’s downright disrespect. I mean, the country isn’t doing so great, but THIS discussion is just ‘so’ important.


If you think about it, both men have just been so downright disgusting, so like, who do you even blame.

There were some people online who just found this exchange shameful. 

While some threw virtual chappals his way.

But honestly, why are our politicians always to quick to jump to such dirty language when speaking about their counterparts. 

This isn’t just an issue with Rana Sanaullah or Sheikh Rasheed, Pakistani politicians say such horrible things about people who oppose them. There really needs to be some decency- these people are meant to work together to make Pakistan better, but instead, they’re just sitting around, saying horrible shit about each other.

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