‘So Kamal' Just Launched The First Virtual Model Of Pakistan And The Future Of Fashion Is Here

By MangoBaaz Studio | 10 Sep, 2020

So Kamal just stepped into the future with Pakistan’s first virtual model

The Post-Corona world is a different world now. Having taken our education and work online, we have realized the importance of virtual work. Businesses and setups are finding ways to adapt to the ”new normal” in the post-COVID world.


‘So Kamal’, one of the leading names in Pakistani fashion, have just introduced the first virtual model of Pakistan

The country’s first and only virtual influencer is named Sasha and she’s going to redefine the future of fashion, for sure.


So, who is Sasha?

Sasha is a brainchild of the CEO of So Kamal, Mrs. Erum Ahmed. She is a 23-year-old girl with a bachelor’s degree in fashion and is currently working at ‘So Kamal’. Sasha often blogs about her life, including her traveling sneak peeks and social events. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind towards causes closer to her like women’s rights, child education, and animal cruelty.

While being all this, keep in mind Sasha literally lives online. She is a virtual person. Yup, our minds are just as blown as yours.


Since she works at ‘So Kamal’, Sasha will be seen flaunting all the latest looks by the brand on her own social media

So if you’re looking for the next influencer to obsess over, Sasha’s your person.

Source: So Kamal


Talking about her creation, the CEO of ‘So Kamal’ Mrs. Erum Ahmed revealed her thoughts on Sasha

“Influencer marketing is a growing market in Pakistan and is constantly evolving. Globally, Virtual influencers have made a splash in digital media marketing. These personas have become models, brand ambassadors, and tastemakers across social media. We at So Kamal are constantly looking at newer ways to promote the business of fashion and the launch of Sasha is a testament to this. The conceptualization of Sasha is envisioning the So Kamal girl, our brand persona. We are delighted to welcome Sasha to the So Kamal family”, she said.

Source: So Kamal

So, imagine a model, whose life exists completely and solely on the internet, is going to showcase all the latest fashion trends, while giving you a completely virtual experience. She is cool, she is stylish and she would be a major part of all campaigns of So Kamal in 2020-21.

We have to say, this idea is totally innovative and is going to change the fashion game in the country.


If you’re intrigued by Sasha of the ‘So Kamal’ family as much as we are and want to find out more about her, you can follow her here

It’s so refreshing to see one of Pakistan’s premium retail brand producing such rich content. Their virtual model is a creative step towards digital marketing in Pakistan. Props to Erum Ahmed and the So Kamal team. We can’t wait to keep up with Sasha.


Cover image via @the_sasha_gram / Instagram

This post is sponsored by So Kamal

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