Angry Pakistanis Are Demanding Justice For Gul Panra, A Transgender Activist Who Was Murdered In Peshawar

By Janita Tahir | 9 Sep, 2020

Transgender Activist Gul Panra was shot dead in Peshawar

On Wednesday, in what seems like a horrifying display of aggression, news quickly spread that unidentified men fired at two transgender people in Peshawar’s Tehkal area.


Transgender activist Gul Panra was reportedly shot dead, while her fellow activist Chahat was severely injured

It is reported that the two were returning from performing at a wedding when these unknown people wearing veils opened fire at them. Chahat, the survivor of the attack launched an FIR against the attackers that indicates she would be able to identify them.


People all over Pakistan are outraged at the incident

This cold-blooded murder and blatant disregard of human life have outraged all Pakistanis. Trans lives are human lives and should be treated with the  same amount of respect. Calls for justice are rampant on social media as people demand the murderers to be arrested swiftly.


The top conversation on Pakistani social media is the demand for Justice for Gul Panra by angry Pakistanis who’ve had it with the continued violence against minorities

Be it gender, sectarian or religious minorities, no one is safe in Pakistan given the conditions. Pakistanis are demanding, yet again, that it is time to initiate actual change instead of offering thoughts and prayers.

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Transgender people, more so than any other marginalized community in Pakistan, have often been the victims of hate and discrimination

This brutality is unfortunately not a surprise for a society that still looks at the transgender community with disgust and contempt. Many cases of their horrible treatment, forceful arrests and abuse have made way to social media before. The question regarding when we as a nation will finally stop treating transgenders as sub-humans is still afloat. When will we realize that the way we are born is not under our control and doesn’t serve as a basis for hate and abuse?


A video has started circulating and it’s alleged to be of the same incident

Viewer discretion is advised.


Unfortunately, through this whole chaos, some people are also mistaking the transgender activist with the popular Pashto singer Gul Panra

Amidst the chaos on social media, many users are mistaking the deceased activist for the coke studio singer Gul Panra due to the same names. This also shines a light on how people are so quick to voice out change for a known celebrity without looking at the facts and truly understanding the change they are advocating for. What we need is to eradicate the internalized hate for the transgender people and voice out our opinions only after knowing the facts.


More people are calling for the protection of the lives and rights of the transgender people

The way they are marginalized in our society, not given proper opportunities for education and livelihood and are constantly subjected to abuse and brutality is being highlighted once again. However, it’s important to note, that aside from trending these important hashtags we also need to make a conscious effort to stop discriminating against these communities and curb the resentment for them which has unfortunately now become instinctual in Pakistan.

The state of Pakistan has paid lip service and made cosmetic legal provisions to recognize the community but no actual protection or integration of trans people into the mainstream is visible.

According to the police, a special team has been appointed to investigate the matter and bring the culprits to justice. So far, no arrests have been made. Despite numerous laws that have been passed in order to protect the lives of the transgender people, they still remain vulnerable to hate crimes and attacks. We need to further emphasize the need to protect their lives and end the violence directed at them.


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Cover image via: @FaisalKP01 / Twitter

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