Major Adnan Sami Just Said PAF Didn't Invite His Mother Due To His Indian Citizenship & Pakistanis Are Thanking Him For Keeping His Mission Alive

By Noor | 9 Sep, 2020

Major Adnan Sami says he is not happy with PAF

While there was a discussion regarding the degradation of the pluralistic social fabric of Indian society due to the citizenship amendment act, a faction of awaam on both sides of the border was concerned about Adnan Sami’s fate and so were we. Guys, there’s nothing to worry about because Major Sami played the pro-Indian card AGAIN to hide his identity and it’s working! Let us fill in you with the details of it.


Adnan Sami has been living in India since 2001, his visiting visa was extended every time, but in 2015, he submitted a request for Indian citizenship.. and we all know how that is his secret mission 😉

The request was approved by the Indian Home Ministry and he acquired the legal status of an Indian citizen in 2016. Since that time, Major Adnan Sami has been living in India to help Pakistan distract the enemies with his antics 😀


So, now Major Sami complained about PAF, that his mother, a former pilot’s wife, was not invited to their annual function because he thinks it’s because of his Indian citizenship

For the ones who don’t know, Adnan Sami’s father served as Squadron Leader in the Pakistan Air Force. According to him, till two years ago, his mother got the invite for the annual show but for two years running now, she did not receive it. He claimed that this step was taken as a reaction of him choosing the Indian nationality over the nationality of Pakistan. He said that his mother lives in dignified silence and would continue to be proud of her husband’s achievements.

He further mentioned that if this is how Pakistan treats their heroes then he is a proud Indian (Good job Major, keep the enemies distacted! Pakistan salutes your sacrifice).


Despite the complaints Adnan Sami made about the PAF, a lot of Pakistanis sent love and respect to his father for the services as a member of the armed forces

And, of course, we can’t undermine Major Sami’s contribution towards Pakistan either.

Source: @adnansamiworld/Instagram
Source: @adnansamiworld/Instagram


There were a few who pointed out that Adnan Sami shouldn’t blame PAF or Pakistan and instead, he should review his actions which have led to this day

Lekin becharay Major sahab kiya karein, he is on a mission and can’t blow his cover.



Others actually tried to explain to Major sahab that these moves are all a part of his mission

So, what do you think about all this? And, do you think Major sahab is successfully carrying out all the clandestine activities by proving himself as a true Indian? Let us know in the comments below.


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