Watch Out Ladies, This Dude From Islamabad Has Mastered The Art Of Sliding Into DMs

By Zainab Ali | 23 Aug, 2018

It’s not so easy messaging cute strangers on Instagram without being ignored. Social media is a scary place, so talking to random girls, especially models, can seem like a bit of an impossible task. People who say it’s hard hitting up girls in real life, have never tried sliding into DMs without failing.

However, Ali here has broken this mystical barrier.


Meet Muhammad Ali Shah, a fitness influencer residing in Islamabad.

Source: Muhammad Ali Shah

Ali proved that sliding into DMs doesn’t just have to be with the typical “you’re cute” line, which barely works, but out of the box messages. His experiment consisted of creative pick-up lines, that of course by these girls, couldn’t go unnoticed.

He messaged random Instagram models from all over the world. After all, who doesn’t love a good creative pickup line?


Ali’s social experiment proves that a normal guy can reach out to an Instagram model without getting beizatified.

Source: Deedle-Dee Productions


Confused? Don’t worry, I have screenshots for proof:

It started off with breaking the ice in a very smooth manner

Source: Muhammad Ali Shah


Source: Muhammad Ali Shah

Then proceeded to their preference of bagels

Source: Muhammad Ali Shah


Source: Muhammad Ali Shah


Now, that pickup line didn’t work on just one model

Source: Muhammad Ali Shah


Source: Muhammad Ali Shah


The pickup lines quickly moved from bagels to something more romantic

Source: Muhammad Ali Shah


There was also some talk of snacks

Source: Muhammad Ali Shah


And of course, things got a little dirty

Source: Muhammad Ali Shah


“It’s just mostly about not being afraid of being yourself,” says Ali 

He adds, “You have to accept it when someone says no to you. But you should not let that stop you from taking on a challenge. Always remember the element of surprise is a man’s best weapon.”


Will you be using any of these tactics to try sliding into DMs too? Let us know. (Also, just remember consent is important. Harass nahi karna. Thanks.)



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