11 Reasons Why You Absolutely NEED A Virgo BFF In Your Life

By Bisma Rizwan | 23 Aug, 2018

While most people know Virgos to be stern and headstrong individuals, they also are the kind of best friends that you really need them to be around. And, to be very honest, word’s mostly around that if you have at least one Virgo in your friend circle, you should consider yourself very lucky.

But what makes them great people to befriend, or just a blessing in your life?

1. They’re very loyal

A Virgo’s love is unconditional and they would go a considerable mile to be there for you – and honestly, they will always have your back. But here’s a tiny tip, they love it when you return the love and kindness they have for you. Keep a balance and your friendship would be the one jiski log misaalein dein ge!

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2. They say things as they are!

Brutally honest? Yep, and that’s probably one of the best things about them. They’ll keep things bullshit-free and the advice you’ll get will always be real! They’ll tell you about your shortcomings, and about the good in you and they’d just help you become a better person overall!

They won’t lie or cheat or backstab you, and they’d expect the same out of you.

Source: Indus Talkies / ZAB Films

3. They pay attention to everything, no matter how big or small

You get a new haircut or you’re wearing a shirt for the first time? They’ll definitely notice the change and will make sure that they compliment you on it. Isn’t that wholesome?

Source: Indus Talkies / ZAB Films

4  They’re very passionate.

They’re very adamant in what they believe in, whether it’s relationships, careers, hobbies, anything! And if you have them as a friend, chances are that you really don’t need anyone to lawyer up for you better than your Virgo friend would! Prepare to win debates, and the rest of the world too with them by your side.

Source: Mainstage Productions

5. They’re perfectionists

Perfection should honestly be their middle name. So if you’re asking them to help you with your assignment, or want them to fix the maslay in your life, you can fairly trust them to do the job perfectly well. Although sometimes their need for perfection may take a toll on them, but heya friend, that’s where you come in to help, no?

Source: Indus Talkies / ZAB Films


6.  They know how to get shit done.

Once they get their head into something, they’ll get that done. No bullshit. Virgos are the kinda coaches in your life who won’t just cheer on for you, but will also help you get there one step at a time!

Source: ARY Digital


7. Great at problem-solving

They’re very critical, and they analyze everything. While most people know Virgos to be overthinkers and highly sensitive, the best part is that they’ll sort your relationships, your gharelu masail, your work-life, and nearly everything out once you let them. Kinda like Sherlock, but one which fares well on the emotional side, too!

Source: ARY Films

8. They’re neat freaks…

…so you definitely know who to call when you need that room to be tidied up, yeah?

Source: ARY Digital

9. They’re great with financials. 

Count on your Virgo friend to not let you overspend, or help you make sense of your kharcha.

Source: Urdu1

10. They are great conversationalists.

You won’t ever get bored with them for they know how to talk about everything in the world, and because of their habit of paying attention to every single kind of detail, they love to hear you go about your stories and adventures and would keep the conversation going for as long as you can keep at it!

Source: MangoBaaz Video

11. They’re blessed with a quirky sense of humor.

While their sense of humor is only something that the close, inner circle ever gets to witness, but god, they know how to make you laugh till your muscles hurt!

Source: MangoBaaz Video

Do you have some amazing Virgos in your life? Tag them in the comments and let them know how awesome they really are!


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