Here's How Your Sleeping Position Might Affect Your Personality, According To Psychology

By Hurmat Riaz | 30 Aug, 2017

Sleeping is that vital part of everyone’s life that some people literally get drowsy even at the slight mention of the word. Though science has still not exactly found out why people sleep, even when they’re not necessarily tired, there’s some knowledge behind how you sleep.

By how you sleep, I mean your sleeping position. Psychologists have studied much around the behavior around sleeping. Sleeping patterns have diverse effects on your life but here we are going to focus that your sleeping position depicts your personality.

Do tell us in the end if you find them correct or not:


1. The Fetus Position

This is the most common position in the world. The position where you curl up in a ball and sleep. Psychologists believe that those who find it hard to open up to people and have a hard shell around their personality tend to assume this position while sleeping.

Though they are really nice and warm from the inside, their outer hard core makes people think that they are not social and exciting but after some time, they relax and socialize to their heart’s content.



2. The Starfish Position

They are usually great listeners and hence bring comfort to others by giving them and outlet to speak out and share. The position also projects their wide, open personality who likes being life of the party and being the center of attention. Such people are great friends because they know how to keep life happening and exciting.

Btw, this position also leads to snoring so yeah, beware of such a partner or just prepare before hand how to handle their snores. 😉


3. The Soldier Position

People who sleep like a soldier have strict moral codes. They like to follow rules and stay organized in their life. They also like to mind their own business and rarely share their feelings with people. If you are a fan of this position, do use a pillow to keep the natural curve of your back steady or else it will lead to back pain which can aggravate later in life.



4. The Yearner Position

If you sleep on your side with your arms reaching out, you have a little complicated personality. You are a little skeptical when it comes to making big decisions so you keep on second guessing yourself. But once you make a decision, you stick to it and make it work. Also, this position helps you avoid snoring.



5. The Free-faller Position

Those who enjoy sleeping in this position don’t have a thick skin and get moody if they get any kind of criticism. Although such people are also very sociable, not getting validation from their surroundings can get them low on energy. This position is not that favorite since it puts a strain on your stomach but those who enjoy it cannot sleep in any other way.



6. The Log Position

This is the best position to have a power nap according to science. This position helps you relax your muscles and ease your mind. The people who enjoy sleeping in this position are found to be naive and gullible and also somewhat life of the party as they know how to be popular and socialize.



7. The Stargazer Position

They are very people oriented people and always ready to help others. They also like to have go with the flow kind of approach towards which sometimes makes them hit some bump on the road. But despite of all this, their positive approach towards life and the sense to always find alternatives helps them keep going.

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8. The Pillow Hugger Position

Although it’s similar to other clenched sleeping positions, those who sleep hugging a pillow show strong tendency towards being a people’s pleasure. They sometimes even let people walk all over them because they are unable to see the fine line between helping others and making time for yourself. But this habit also makes them have friends for longer time.

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9. The Soldier-Starfish Position

A combo position, these people tend to get influenced by the opinions of others hence they find it difficult to have an opinion of their own. They are also flexible and like to be spontaneous making them favorite in their social circles.
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So which position do you prefer sleeping? Does it somehow explain your personality?

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