17 Of The Most Hilarious Pakistani Shows From The Past That You Need To Binge-Watch Again

By Sarah Babar | 30 Aug, 2017

Pakistan, undoubtedly, has the biggest treasure of dramas available. With the whole world going crazy over our newer dramas, like ‘Humsafar,’ ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai,’ and ‘Mann Mayal.’ People from all over the world, and especially our neighbors, binge-watch Pakistani shows like crazy, and for good reason. And if you’ve exhausted all dramas and are in a little dark corner of depression after watching all the saas-bahu ke maslay and the issues with shaadi we’re bringing you a list of the funniest, the most rib-tickling and LMFAO-ing Pakistani television shows you’ll ever watch.


1. Family Front

Source: shughal.com


2. Kollege Jeans

Source: thepakistani.tv


3. Teen Batta Teen

Source: Pakistan Television Network


4. Jutt and Bond

Source: G Kaboom


5. Fifty-fifty

Source: Pakistan Television Network


6. Aangan Terha

Source: Pakistan Television Network


7. Ulta Seedha

Source: Aag Network


8. Candid Camera

Source: PK Comedy


9. Alif Noon

Source: Pakistan Television Network


10. Sona Chandi

Source: humpakistani.net


11. Andhera Ujala

Source: pakistanidramaslive.info


12. Ainak Wala Jin

Source: Pakistan Television Network


13. Uncle Urfi

Source: Pakistan Television Network


14. Shehzori

Source: Pakistan Television Network


15. Loose Talk

Source: ARY Digital


16. Rosy

Source: Pakistan Television Network


17. Taleem-e-Balighan

Source: Pakistan Television Network


There are so many others that aren’t on this list. We hope this gave you the ultimate throwback back to the glory days of comedy in the Pakistani television industry. We had some great, great talents and actors, that we lost along the way, and we miss them dearly. We have some amazingly talented actors and actresses working in the Pakistani film and television industry, in today’s time and age, and we can’t wait to see the quality and standards being maintained. It’s little wonder the whole world goes absolutely ga ga over our dramas and shows.


What’s your favourite old Pakistani show to binge-watch?

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