You Can't Miss Out on This Amazing Single Mom's Naan Cafe in Peshawar

By Haadia Paracha | 24 Apr, 2016

The revival of naan and paratha has been somewhat ubiquitous in Pakistan of late, with chaaye dhabas and cafes springing up in all parts of the country, oft with the tarka of truck art decor. The two have become synonymous whilst youth are fearlessly trying to upgrade the puffy, oven-baked flatbread from a side to a cuisine in itself.


In the midst of this naan-volution, Naan Sense stands out not only because it’s the first of its kind in Peshawar but because it has been opened up by Laila, a single parent originally from Swabi.

Source: Naan Sense Facebook Page


Taking on the bold step of running her own business didn’t come easy, with many rendering the proposition a failure before it had even taken off.

Source: Naan Sense Facebook Page


What worked in Laila’s favor other than first-mover’s advantage was the lack of outdoor family spaces in Peshawar.

Source: Naan Sense Facebook Page


“Cooking is my passion and I thought why not open up a café and let people enjoy my recipes, especially ones village-folk and young would love alike”, said Laila.

Source: Naan Sense Facebook Page


Fueling even more interest in the local foodies, Naan Sense boasts lots and lots of pashtu from the music to the Pakhtu-meets-West items on the menu.


Nutella-filled naans are called Dumper-naans.

Source: Naan Sense Facebook Page


For cheese-filled naans, you’d have to order Racket naans, with a pinch of coriander.

Source: News Tribe


To know a bit more about Peshawar ki pehli stuffed naan ki dukan, check out this video.

Warning: Might induce severe hunger pangs.

[fbvideo link=”” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]



Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the establishment is also endorsed by one and only mankind’s angel.

Da ba nan khwru! Sok sok razay?

Source: Naan Sense Facebook Page


Garmay garmay rotay raulay dai tanoor la! Fork and Knife With Plate on Twitter Twemoji 2.0

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