Here are the Best Places in Lahore for Your Desi Meetha Cravings

By Sarmad Amer | 20 Mar, 2016

Meetha is the cherry on top of every meal experience of yours, and desi meetha is particularly satisfying. It serves as the perfect ending to your meal and satiates your sweet tooth. A pudding can’t fulfill you the way a kheer does, a doughnut won’t satiate you like an andrassa and a churro has got nothing on the jalebi.

Here’s a little glimpse into the immense variety of desi meetha food items that you simply have to try, if you’re ever in Lahore:


1. Chashni

Go for their out of this world gulab jamun, chum chum and kheer.

ChashniSource: aureolephotos via: Instagram


2. Benazir ka Kulfa

The name says it all. Kulfa ho toh Benazir ka warna na ho.

Benazir KulfaSource: iaburney via: Instagram


3. Amritsari Sweets at Beadon road

Their pateesa is a particularly popular item.

AmritsariSource: karan8586 via: Instagram


4. Baba jee ki kulfi at Shah Alam market


Source: amber


5. Meher Sweets at Lakshmi Chowk

Their badami gulab jamun is a specialty you can’t leave this place without.

Meher SweetsSource: recipes2try via: Instagram


6. Baba Sweets

There’s the Haldiram’s kaju burfi that is world famous and anyone who has been to India or has had folks coming from India knows it. Then there is Baba Sweets who have come the closest to replicating the heavenly taste of that kaju burfi.

Baba sweetsSource: sidifti via: Instagram

7. Grato Jalebi at Hussain Chowk, Gulberg

Jalebi has been revolutionized by Grato, so much so that even traditiona jalebi shops have abandoned their fake orange tinged batter and thin jalebi and jumped on board the thick natural colored fried treat.

Grato JalebiSource: shazyhaq via: Instagram


8. Hajji ki kheer at Main Market

Who doesn’t love some kheer? This desi version of a pudding is the perfect summer time sweet treat because of it’s cool and refreshing consistency.

Source: Jahane Rumi


9. Fazal Sweets

Don’t forger the burfi and daal ki pinniyaan from this sweet shop.

Fazal SweetsSource: championlover via: Instagram


10. Rafiq Sweets at Mochi Gate

Rafiq’s have been a fixture in Lahore for a very, very long time now. Their original Mochi Gate store, though, is the best. A trip to this place can be turned into a walled city excursion on a lazy Sunday.

Rafiq SweetsSource: zhphotography via: Instagram


11. Butt Sweets

Following the successful pattern of Gourmet, Butt Sweets has recently started opening up all over the city. They are indeed a welcome addition for they serve as the no fuss sweet treats place to go to when you’re craving something sweet but not in the mood to go to the hassle of making a nice trip out of it.

Butt SweetsSource: fasqam via: Instagram


12. Qasr-e-Shireen

Their Anarkali location is a good spot for desi meetha or even to satisfy your samosa craving.

Source: Asadamin

13. Bundu Khan

The desi breakfast hot spot also has sweet shops of their own. However, their service isn’t particularly at par with the name they have made for themselves in the restaurant business.

Source: OB


14. Meer Bakers at TGS

This Gujranwala originating sweet shop, based in The Global Store, doesn’t only serve custom made cakes, their desi meetha is very good too.

Meer Bakers

Source: theindigojournal


15. Mahmood Sweets

Located at the very bustling Cavalry Ground market right by the Jinnah Flyover, Mahmood Sweets has been a mainstay for ages. Their ladoos are good, do try.

Mahmood SweetsSource: pp_2090 via: Instagram


16. Yousaf Falooda

For those late night hangouts with your friends when you want to eat something meetha and desi, Yousaf Falooda serves you the best Falooda. The cool kulfa, the slimy noodles and the crunchy nuts sprinked on top of all of that are a match made in heaven.

Yousaf FaloodaSource: bilal9one via: Instagram

Do let us know if you’ve got a special go to place for your desi meetha cravings that aren’t mentioned here.


Cover Image: rohit_agarwal7889 via: Instagram

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