If You’re Single AF This Winter, Here’s The Perfect Solution For Those Lonely Nights

If You’re Single AF This Winter, Here’s The Perfect Solution For Those Lonely Nights

Ah, winter, the season of love and romance. Getting together to watch sunsets with bae, taking every opportunity to take your unn ko out for coffee, all make this a wonderful season for some of you.

Heck, the whole country gets married during winters.

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But for us single folk, this season is very bae-less.

The fog, the weather, and having our fifth chai ka mug alone only remind us of how sad and lonely our lives are. And when we’re cold…well, we’re cold af, koi  jacket tau duur ki baat, mozay tak nahi poochta. 

A whole year has passed, people have come and gone, but we’re right where we were pichli december, aur humein ab bhi sajni ki yaad aati hai.

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If you’re missing out on the cuddles and love, ye solution aap ke liye hai.

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Larkiyoun ki jaan and mulk ki shaan Uzair Jaswal’s debut album hits the shelves on the 28th of December, for your dose of those ishq wale gaane that might make you feel less alone (yeah right)

And he promises to provide us with all the cheesiness, lurrve and romance we need to get through this winter without being a blithering mess (lol no).

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The album, Na Bhulana, will take you on a journey through Uzair’s life.

While this year marks 10 years for him in the music industry, he’s actually just getting started. And now that bhai (aap ke) Coke Studio aur saath wale mulq tak pohanch gaye, we’re so very proud of him!

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Speaking to MangoBaaz, Uzair said that there are 5 new songs in this album of 10, all of which represent the different types of love he’s encountered, relationships and heartbreaks, love and family. All in all, the album sounds like it’s going to be pretty relatable for most of us (yes, Shagufta, we saw your Snapchat, mubarak on the engagement, you don’t count).


Uzair has given us some amazing music in the past, including anthems for our heartbreaks


And for when we were fresh in love

We’re looking forward to crying into our pillows, with Na Bhulana on loop, and we’re sure you’re looking for something other than the takiya to hug while sleeping.


If you’re still not convinced, here’s the man telling you the details himself (also proclaiming his love for us ji haan)


We love you, too, Uzair, we love you, too. Keep making music and us proud. And keep giving all single AF folks out there something for the lonely winter nights 😉

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