Singer Abdullah Qureshi Just Showed A Little Too Much In His Latest Photo & Tauba, Tauba The Comments Are INSANE

By Sannia Bilal | 9 Apr, 2019

Abdullah Qureshi is one young musician in our fledgling music industry that people just can’t get enough of.  Quite frankly because he seems to have good looks along with an incredible voice. The guy has been on his way to success after his rendition of ‘Afreen Afreen’ went viral.

You have to be living under a rock to not have come across that one. Side note: I can’t really seem to help unleashing my inner tharak when it comes to his looks, tbh.


Khair, Abdullah Qureshi tied the knot back in February and he currently seems to be on a vacation with his wife.

Maybe it’s the honeymoon. Still, matlab, how cute are they?


They even turned up at a John Mayer concert while on this trip

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Dream come true! @johnmayer #JohnMayer #SinghaExperience #Live

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Amidst all this Abdullah Qureshi shared this particular image on Instagram and as expected people lost their shit 

AKA 💦💦💦

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Vitamin C & D ☀️🍊 Proteins needed…

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There were all sorts of comments under this post and the tharak was uncontrollable. Jeez!


Some used the caption on his post to hit on him

Because well …. why not?

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And there were quite a few of the tharki folks

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This one just couldn’t handle it probably so made a request to the singer to cover up 😜

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Some people had suggestions for him to change up his body even more

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Matlab ke kya?

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Too many advises were given, actually

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How many are too many?

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Yeh Cheez!

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Of course there was a whole thread about being skinny because we love to body shame people

Whether out of “love” or out of just plain old spitefulness, whether someone’s skinny or fat we don’t seem to care when sharing unsolicited opinions.

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The point is, when are we ever going to stop shaming people for the kind of body they have? I think this guy looks amazing just the way he is. This kind of body shaming leads to depression/anxiety and we’re well aware of what follows course after that. I wish some day we learn to accept others for the way they are.

On a lighter note, Abdullah, rock on. Peace!


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Cover image via: @abdullahqureshiofficial / Instagram

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