Boys And Girls, Here Are All The Times You May Not Realize You're Being Sexist

By Sakina Hunaid | 3 Jul, 2017

It’s no hidden secret that Pakistani population, as a whole, has challenges being accepting toward women and minorities. We are a patriarchal society, like most of the world, but we’re also relatively conservative. Women don’t enjoy the kind of freedoms and empowerment that they may enjoy in some parts of the world. While allies and liberal folks love to consider themselves empowering and helpful toward women, is it really the case when it comes to their actions?

Here’s how you may not realize but are being sexist:


1. When you see a woman wearing sleeveless or showing her legs and you automatically think she is a slut or somehow “cheap”

Dressing does not define a person. Uski skirt se ziada choti aapki soch hai.



2. If you believe that a virgin woman is somehow morally superior to someone who’s not

How is a woman’s morality in her vagina?



3. You expect the guy to pay the bill just because he is the man

Girls, this is unfair to the guy. You cannot expect someone to pay your bills just because they are men.



4. You think if a woman goes out in the bazaar in jeans, she is not being “careful”

“Usse ziada behes nahi karni chahye thi”

“Raat ko akeley bahir nahi jana chahye”

Victim blaming, under all circumstances, is wrong. Repeat after me: The victim is never at fault.



5. Any time someone brings up equality and your immediate response is “well, so it means I can hit women”

Dude, you are making a movement that frees women from violence they face by making it about being violent towards them? Fuck logic.

Source: Jhoom Jhoom Productions / Soham Rockstar Productions


6. You believe a mother can raise a kid better than a father

No, you don’t raise kids with genitals (And if you do then you should be in jail). God forbid if a father becomes the primary parent, us maa ka tou jeena hi haram ho jayega.



7. You believe women are precious and therefore should be handled delicately

This is a patriarchal idea that you are promoting and is actually very oppressive.



8. If your male friend cries and you mock him for it

Arghh! Men have as much right to express their emotions as women. It’s disgusting to mock someone because they are sensitive.

Source: IRK Films


9. You automatically assume that women might lack technical knowledge

Why? Is technical skills stored in one’s penis?



10. You think a father who spends time with the kid and changes their diapers is doing something out of the way

Hayyeee uska husband kitna acha hai. No, he is just being a parent and doing his job. Nothing special.

Via: Tumblr


11. If you believe it isn’t a woman’s duty to contribute finances to the household income and if she does it, then she’s being extra nice

Again, this is unfair to the man. If both are earning, then both should be contributing.

Source: ARY Films


12. You believe in “ladies first”

Baaji ko line mein aagey aaney do? No.



13. You believe “boys are boys” when they screw up something

No, they are responsible for their actions and therefore must be held accountable.

Source: The Living Picture / YouTube


Changing these everyday things may help you become less misogynistic. And that’s all we want 🙂


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