Meera Jee Just Released A New Workout Video And, Haye Allah, It Will Make You Want To Get Fit

By Iman Zia | 3 Jul, 2017

Meera jee is phenomenal. If she isn’t conjuring up the most monumental angrezi-filled responses on her recently revamped Twitter account, she’s felicitously trolling Maryam Nawaz about the state of bijli in this country. Amidst all this, Meera jee allocates precious time to taking care of herself at the gym, and she’s given the world a glimpse into her strenuous workout regime.

While most Sundays for the average Pakistani is to turn into a recluse, Meera jee spent the afternoon in an incredibly arduous training session

With her untamed hair, much like her persona, she flipped her head ‘like there’s no tomorrow.’ The workout was complete with sunglasses because it is said to make the entire experience far less demanding.


Instagram account The Style Journal posted another snippet of the workout

This second clip gives gym-goers a far greater in-depth into how the Pakistani actress stays in shape. The two hulking dumbbells didn’t cause hindrance to the actress who matched every beat with her rigorous cardio dance.

#bebo and #amritaarora got nothing on #meerajee! #gymclasstoday ?Is your morning workout as good as hers? ?

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Pakistanis were very impressed with the workout, to say the least




With many commending her dance



The video prompted Meera’s fans to initiate an #AskMeera hashtag for some inspiration

And her impeccable gym style didn’t go by unnoticed


And some advice was given on her feral hair


A few were concerned with the taxing exercise having a toll on Meera



But for this particular person, the workout was a moment of clarity

What do you think of Meera jee‘s workout? Do you think she should start posting more workout videos for inspiration?



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