15 Symptoms That Prove That You Are A Pakistani Bred Shopaholic

By Eamaan Arain | 4 Jul, 2015

1. Your closets are full. And you can’t figure out where to put your new clothes.

Source: Most Everything Maggie


2. Trying to finish your homework turns into online shopping and finding a new outfit.

Source: Fashion Luxury


3. Saving money is a difficult task.

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4. Your email is filled with shopping coupons and sales promotions. Your phone is also beeping with promotional text messages.

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5. It’s hard to buy just one thing. 

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6. It’s difficult to wear the same outfit twice because it interferes with your swagger.

Source: Blue Dance World


7. Retail therapy is the best therapy.

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8. As soon as you hear about a sale, an evil grin uncontrollably appears on your face.

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9. Your reaction when you finally get your hands on that one thing you’ve been thinking about forever. Forever is a relative term, here it’s about a week.

Source: The Journal

OMG, OMG, OMG, come to me my baby


10. You make regular rounds to all your favorite stores.

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11. You find ways to justify your shopping habits.

In #class like… ?? #shoes #shopaholic #daydreamer not #focussed #today #studentlife #school #girly #idontneed

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12. You plan out outfits with clothes you haven’t purchased YET. Emphasis on yet.

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13. You have a full closet but still can’t find a decent outfit.

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14. When your parents tell you that you’re not allowed to do any more shopping you’re just like….

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15. Giving away your clothes is a struggle.What if something comes back in fashion?


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