New Netflix Film “Sierra Burgess Is A Loser” Might Be A Hit But It Has Some MAJOR Issues We Need To Talk About

By Arslan Athar | 13 Sep, 2018

Netflix is clearly having a summer of high school dramas and teenage romcoms. Not too long ago, they released ‘To All The Boys I Loved Before’ and it was an instant hit; the memes and tweets were endless. They seem to have been successful yet again with their new movie ‘Sierra Burgess Is A Loser’.

Similar to its predecessor, Sierra Burgess created a lot of buzz on Twitter.

While there was love for the movie, it caused a bit of an Apple-Android war 

The movie features a song that has made a lot of us shed tears 

The movie will also make you fall in love with the ‘villain’ because like she has a heart

Moreover, what a lot of people loved about the movie was how real it was

Now, I saw ALL these tweets and thought, ‘Hmm, achi movie hogi!’. 

It goes without saying that this film is shot beautifully, just like any other Netflix production. The colors, the costumes, and the general aesthetic were all just on point.

The movie follows Sierra Burgess, her father is a famous author and her mother is a motivational speaker.

She raised in a household that teaches her to love herself for who she is, however, high school is not so kind. She is bullied for her large build and not being as beautiful as the rest of the girls. In this process, we are introduced to the school Head Bitch, Veronica. She teases Sierra and takes down her poster for home tuitions. Now, Veronica being the head cheerleader and all, she gets asked out a lot, and one day, she gets asked out by Jamey. As a joke, she gives Sierra’s number from the poster she tore down and hence becomes the tale of catfishing.

Source: Netflix

Jamey messages ‘Veronica’ (who is actually Sierra), and the conversations are never ending, but when Sierra finds out who Jamey things he’s talking to, she freaks out. She really likes this guy, so she strikes a deal with Veronica to help her ‘appear smarter’ to get back her college-going ex back, in return for helping her out. So Veronica takes selfies and videos to help out Sierra, the height of it is when Sierra asks her to go out on a date with Jamey.

Source: Netflix

The rest of the story rights itself; Veronica accidentally kisses Jamey and Sierra sees it, so Sierra makes a fool out of her in front of the school by hacking into her Instagram. Jamey then finds out he’s being catfished, everything goes to shit, and then Sierra writes a heartfelt song AND EVERYTHING ENDS WELL AND THEY ALL LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Catfishing is NOT okay and honestly, the movie really glorifies it. 

Of course, they never actually call it that in the movie, but it’s a horrible thing to pretend to be someone else, manipulate someone’s feelings and then go on to break their heart. It’s really messed up. Sierra literally faces NO repercussions for her actions, other than a few days of heartbreak.

What’s worse is that when Veronica and Jamey go on a date, Veronica gets Sierra to kiss Jamey and like, NO. That is not right. These movies are targetted towards teens and young adults and this type of message is NOT what they need to be seeing.

People from the deaf community also have issues with the movie and its depiction of deaf people. 

When news broke that there’s a deaf character in the movie, people were happy to see representation happening, however, the deaf character was only used to complete a joke. When Sierra and Jamey actually meet (accidentally), Sierra chooses not to talk since Jamey said previously that he would recognize her voice anywhere- so she decides to play deaf, little does she know that Jamey’s brother is deaf. This was really just insensitive of the makers of the film to do and there’s nothing more to say about it either.

For me, the only savior of the film was Veronica. 

She really went through a transformation throughout the film. She became a better person, more accepting and more loving. What does she get in return for all this- someone hacking her Instagram and shaming her in front of the whole school. Even in the end, Veronica goes to Jamey to convince him to forgive Sierra. I mean, BRAVO!

Source: Netflix

Have you seen the film? Let us know what you thought in the comments 🙂

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