Johnny Sins' Masalaydaar New Video Includes Desi Food And You HAVE To Watch It

By Ramsha Bhatti | 13 Sep, 2018

Everyone is well aware of the legend Johnny Sins: the man who has been a part of every single profession!

Unless you live under a rock, Johnny Sins is pretty popular for being a superhero and saving the world, especially women in distress. Another thing which extends his long list of achievements involve being well versed with all professions and their job descriptions: firefighting ho ya doctor, boy ko sab ata hai!


And yahan aik MBA nahi ho raha. What even is life?

I mean people give Tom cruise so much credit for being in so many different roles, but Johnny sins tou Tom cruise ka bhee baap hai


Besides being extremely “talented”, Johnny Sins is the kind of guy that will literally steal your girl if you ever call him for plumbing or electric work.


He is literally a legend. He has inspired many with his, uh, hard work to such an extent that people are now using him to write essays on role models in schools!


Asatazza ki itni izzat, kya baat hai!

I think ye medical ki bachian hain.


He’s even pretty great with his teaching methods. Hands-on teaching methods obviously beat book studying hands down!


Even Rancho couldn’t help but look up to Mister Sins during his engineering years, so “All is well!”

In order to keep his legacy alive, Johnny Sins decided to spice things up for his supporters by taking on a new profession. (Don’t worry, I am pretty sure he’s very loyal to his roots.)

So lately, we saw Sins Saab take a lot of interest in edible items. Like food.


Johnny Sins is now expanding his fan-base and is trying to target desis, which, I mean, he didn’t really need to. With his passion for all things edible, he is now venturing into the realm of culinary reviews. Is there anything this dude CAN’T do?

So, he decided to try out some desi food on his YouTube channel. Here he is with mango lassi. 

source: Youtube/SinsSays

Sins’ pronunciation of some of our most beloved and devoured food items is not even remotely correct so you might have to tolerate him for that. “Allu, Paakhuraaz, laasy”. Yes, that’s how he pronounces most of the stuff. But chalo, Sins bhai ke liye yeh bhi maaf.

Beer Yammy, Beer yani; You’ll get to hear all wrong pronunciations of our favorite food. 

source: Youtube

Tbh, the biryani that Sins ordered for himself hurt my soul! It left me shook!

source: Youtube

Is that…. a chunk of chicken… in a “Chicken” biryani? Leg Piece kahan hai? What a shame. What a scam!

The winner of the most mispronounced food items goes to: GAAHAR HALWA!

How hard is it to pronounce the alphabet “J”? No, seriously?

Just when I thought it had all ended, Sins pounced into action. 

source: Youtube

Okay, he is eating Biryani with naan.

This was when I really just wanted him to stop. Like, just end the video there. No one eats Biryani with naanAalo pe itni larayi hoti hai, and then look at him!

After 9 whole minutes, Sins concluded his video on the note that he loved desi food. He really enjoyed the Biryani, and I mean bohat obvious thaBiryani > everything else in the world. Though, I do feel slightly offended about the absence of chicken.

You can watch the full video here:

Khair, thank you, Sins bhai, for your service to our culture. Bohot shukriya. Let us know what you guys think of this in the comments.


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