Damn, Shoaib Akther Launching ‘Personal Attacks' Against Sarfraz Ahmed Is Not The Match We Thought We'd Wake Up To

By Biya Haq | 30 Jan, 2019

Now, this is a match none of us saw coming.

In recent Cricket news, Pakistan Cricket Team Captain Sarfraz Ahmed was handed a four-match suspension by the International Cricket Council for racist comments.

Source: News18

Sarfraz was caught saying ‘racial comments’ to fellow player Andile Phehlukwayo of the South African team during their second ODI in Durban last week. Social media had a field day and media outlets all over were reporting on the player’s actions.

However, in a very diplomatic way, Sarfraz apologized for his remarks and accepted his punishment without any resistance towards the board. And though many were impressed by his humility and acceptance, there was one individual who was not pleased with our Cricket Captain at all.

Shoaib Akhter was recorded saying that Sarfraz’s actions were in ‘the heat of the moment and that Sarfraz should apologize publically.”

Coming from Shoaib Akhter, one of our country’s best cricket players of all time, clearly, some shit was about to go down. Akhter also said that with the four-match suspension, Sarfaraz was getting off easy and that such comments are not acceptable in Pakistan.

People all over social media were freaking out about Akhter’s words, and more so than that, it seemed to also strike a nerve with Sarfraz.

Sarfraz was asked about the comments by the press and in response, he said that Akther was not criticizing him, but throwing personal attacks towards him.

Sarfraz said that he had accepted his punishment by the ICC and would work on improving his performance in the future. Suffice to say, hearing a legend throw personal attacks at you must not be one of the best things to hear after receiving a four-match suspension for racist remarks.

And look, let’s be honest, it wasn’t one of our finest moments on the pitch but players talk on the pitch all the time. Yes, Sarfraz could have been a little more eloquent with his words and yeah maybe this entire thing was blown completely out of proportion, but either way, it is good to see that some people in this country know how to handle themselves when it comes to dealing with a heavy situation.

Sarfraz was decent, humble and one hundred percent accepting in his actions. This is an example many of our politicians can learn from rather than going off on the defence against anyone who has something negative to say. As for Shoaib, lol, come on now, that is some high school level drama shit that was super unnecessary. Or at least that’s what I think hehe.

Have you guys been following this story? What do you think about Sarfraz’s actions? Shoaib’s? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: Sport24/SUCH TV

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