Sarfaraz's “Fuck Off” To This New Zealand Player Has People Losing Their Green Shits

By Sarah Babar | 31 Jan, 2018

Sarfaraz Ahmed is an absolute cutie, we all know that. This bundle of adorable has led our team to many victories, and has proven to be a Class A captain for the boys in green. The captain for all 3 formats of the game, right now, has not let us down. Aur iss New Zealand tournament mein bhi Sarfaraz ne dhoka nahi diya


The Pakistani cricket team is now on top of the position table for T20s



And also got the trophy for the T20 tournament against the Kiwis



But one other thing that stood out from these matches was this video

What happened was, opening batsman Martin Guptill was walking by while Sarfu was talking to the umpire about picking a ball. Guptill said ‘Just tell him to fucking pick a ten over old ball’. And Sarfaraz lost his cool and said ‘I’m not talking to you, okay? Fuck off’


This one statement started a revolution on Pakistani internet with people tweeting Sarfaraz’s quote over and over again



Source: @attaullahmazari / Twitter



Source: @daniyallv / Twitter



Source: @ro_oobo / Twitter



Source: @befourmaryam / Twitter



Source: @jaweriyaa / Twitter



Source: @abdussamit / twitter



Source: @docstrange_29 / Twitter



Source: @_qalandar_ / Twitter



Source: @itsaalee / Twitter


Memes came about, overnight, too

Source: @karachikhatmal / Twitter


And people still haven’t stopped laughing over it

Source: @iAqeelurrehman / Twitter


People were going crazy

Source: @iAqeelurrehman / Twitter


Their days were made

Source: @iAqeelurrehman / Twitter


We like that name, though

Source: @iAqeelurrehman / Twitter


So are we!

Source: @iAqeelurrehman / Twitter


We’re howling with laughter, too

Source: @iAqeelurrehman / Twitter


And silver and everything

Source: @iAqeelurrehman / Twitter


We’ve always had faith in him, though

Source: @iAqeelurrehman / Twitter


We love you so much, Sarfaraz Bhai, never change!



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Cover image via Zee News

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