Shireen Mazari Was Apparently Photographed Napping At Work And Pakistanis Can't Handle It

By Ramsha Bhatti | 14 Sep, 2018

All political departments are in order and ready to start performing their tasks. Every minister is equally excited to take up their new designations and even official portraits have started rolling out.

Did you see all the jokes which have been making rounds about Sheikh Rasheed’s official portrait?

Anyway, one such politician has had her photos circulated over the internet but it is nowhere close to being as graceful or poised as Sheikh Saab’s. That politician happens to be Shireen Mazari.

This tweet started making rounds.

Basically, Shireen Mazari, the Human Rights Minister, was caught off guard while napping at work and the entire situation soon turned into a nightmare! As always, Pakistanis now have a new thing to scrutinize and rant about. Hence, we now have content for memes and trolling.

And so, it began.

What if it was just a power nap, dude?

I mean sleeping is a natural phenomenon, kisko nahi passand hota sona?

Glad that someone acknowledged it! Jeena hoga, marna hoga, beauty sleep poora karna hoga! Bad joke, sorry.

Neend time aur jagha dekh ke nahi ati, wo tou bus ajati hai! 

Goodnight texts to bae will never be the same again.

Soon Pakistanis turned it into a challenge

Obviously, there had to be badly formulated puns too.

LOLOL, this one was actually funny.

 Soon people came in to support Shireen Mazari.

A well-rested Shireen is a happy Shireen. A happy Shireen happily preserves and protects rights of Pakistani people (PERIOD).

Matlab, even in her free time people want her to work. Ab free time main kya karen? Print nikalen beth ke muft main?

source: Giphy

I mean, Pakistanis are acting like that one stingy boss who doesn’t let employees complete even their lunch time and expects them to work for 9 hours straight. Jaan lo ge kya un ki?

I can’t decipher if he is supporting or mocking her. 

I am legit confused.

Kisi ko propaganda ki boo aarahi the.

Finally, people couldn’t help but question where the issue lay in the photo.

Actually, she seems to be napping but upon a second look, it does seem like she may not be snoozing; But who knows.

Sleep and let sleep?

Need to move to Japan, ASAP. I’ll be the more respected person there. #ProNapper.

Well, erm… Okay, great thinking… I guess.

All I’d like to say before I conclude this is


Jokes aside, I hope that Shireen Mazari is working really hard to ensure she performs her job well. The Human Rights ministry is a tough nut to crack and she will be needing a lot of support from Pakistanis in order to help her stay motivated in order to safeguard our rights.

What about you? Have you ever napped at work? Can you relate to Shireen Mazari’s situation? Do let us know so we can try it out too.


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