Shireen Mazari Asked The UN To Remove Priyanka Chopra As An Ambassador And Pakistanis Are Very Happy

By Rameeza Ahmad | 22 Aug, 2019

Shireen Mazari has also joined the cancel Priyanka Chopra party.

Priyanka Chopra has been serving as a UN Goodwill Ambassador for Peace. But lately people have been having an issue with her having the title since she has made some comments about war which are concerning. In February of this year, when India was trying to invade Pakistan’s airspace and the tensions between India and Pakistan were high, she tweeted in support of the Indian armed forces which concerned people about her possibly supporting war.


Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari just went after Priyanka Chopra

She wrote a letter to the Executive Director of UNICEF asking them to review and possibly revoke  status as a UN Goodwill Ambassador for Peace because of her pro-war rhetoric.

She further stated in her letter that having someone like Priyanka Chopra as a UN Goodwill Ambassador for Peace makes a mockery of the title and makes it lose meaning.


And people were happy that Shireen Mazari had taken up the issue against Priyanka Chopra officially since Pakistanis have been campaigning for a similar result recently.


Of course, those on the other side of the border were not happy with Ms. Mazari’s letter

But nonetheless, it was commendable that Shireen Mazari took the issue up professionally and hopefully due to her influence and reputation in the international community as the Minister for Human Rights of Pakistan might lead to results.

The UN should at least review Priyanka’s title and look into the claims people are making about her being pro-war. After the Beauty Convention where Priyanka was questioned about her pro-war stance by a Pakistani-American woman, people are concerned because she gave a very wishy-washy response and did not flat out condemn war as horrific and something she wishes never happens.

And hopefully the UN will realize what a dangerous ideology one of their ambassadors might be supporting.


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