Shireen Mazari And Fawad Chaudhry Are Being Criticized For Their Opinions On Public Hangings

By Noor | 8 Feb, 2020

Shireen Mazari and Fawad Chaudhry are being harshly criticized for speaking against the resolution passed in the National Assembly on public hangings.

While overhauling the laws regarding the rape issue, the national assembly passed a resolution to legalize capital punishment for the cases concerned with pedophiles who happen to be rapists as well. A lot of people on various social media platforms voiced their audacious opinions and among those were a few politicians who are now being dragged for their firm stance.

Shireen Mazari expressed her concerns regarding the resolution passed by the National Assembly

The human rights minister asserted that the ministry and the political party both are strongly against the resolution. She also stated that this is not a government-sponsored resolution and is an individual act. The minister further mentioned that the focus of the government should not be related to law formulation and instead there should be a focus on the implementation of the already existing laws coupled with a speedy judicial system.

Fawad Hussain also highlighted his anti-resolution stance by labeling the law as a barbaric practice

The minister started off by condemning the resolution and then argued that this is another form of extremism.

People on all the social media platforms were deeply shocked to know the opinions of the ministers regarding the new resolution

A few tried to criticize the stance of the ministers by using the references from the Islamic law

People defended the resolution by explaining that they want a safer country for their children

A lot of them were curious to know what the alternative was

People were extremely disappointed by the statements tweeted by the ministers

They urged the ministers to understand the intensity of the crime committed by these rapists and explained that this menace cannot be curbed in any other way

People argued by stating that there’s no point of having a ministry related to human rights if that ministry cannot safeguard the rights of innocent children

So, what’s your take on the issue? Do you think that capital punishment can act as a deterrent or it is an expression of extremism? Let us know in the comments below.



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