Sheikh Rashid Called Pakistan Cricket Team ‘The Green Shits’ And It was PHENOMENAL

Sheikh Rashid Called Pakistan Cricket Team ‘The Green Shits’ And It was PHENOMENAL

After an intense match Team Pakistan won against Australia. The fact that they were able to beat the formidable team in their home ground made Pakistani fans doubly happy. A flurry of congratulatory wishes and celebratory tweets and status updates began to be posted for the boys in green.

Politician, and swagmaster, Sheikh Rashid Ahmad also congratulated Team Pakistan:

Via Twitter


Yes, you read that correctly Green SHITS. As in green colored 💩 💩 💩

But Sheikh sahab quickly rectified his typo and tweeted again:


However, given how swift everything on this thing called the internet is, people had screenshot the mistake already


And they wouldn’t let Sheikh Rashid go so easily


The original tweet spread like wildfire

 🔥 🔥 🔥


And everyone kept reminding Sheikh sahab of how unforgettable his words were


This one thought that something Sheikh Rashid said wouldn’t be screenshot by many

Big mistake. Huge. HUGE.

And this one thought it was the job of a hacker


Here’s an advice for Sheikh sahab




And we couldn’t agree more

Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has more swag and badassery in him than anyone, anywhere, at any given time, ever. He keeps his promises and never breaks them because aik baar jo commitment kar li toh phir yeh apne aap ki bhi nahi suntay.

Here’s proof:

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Sheikh sahab, please keep on blessing us with your amazing self.

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