These People Are Mocking Sheikh Rashid Because He's Carrying A “Purse”

By Sarmad Amer | 13 Sep, 2017

Sheikh Rashid always finds a way to stay in the news. The man has found the answer to every politician-celebrity hybrid’s hunger for attention. Sheikh sahab and his rather quirky actions have led him straight to the average Pakistani’s heart. He issues impassioned statements against his political opponents and makes elaborate promises. You may hate him or you could even love but you can definitely not ignore the man.

This time, Sheikh jee is in the news for his ….uh… fashion(?) choices.


So what happened was that Sheikh Rashid was photographed with a bunch of fellow political types at a wedding in London



This is the same wedding that kaptaan was also attending

Along with some ordinary folks like Sonam Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and Karan Johar etc.


Some bored ol’ folks noticed that Sheikh Rashid’s hand was adorned with what is traditionally a female accessory: a handbag

The photograph began circulating on social media on Tuesday, September 12. With many mocking Sheikh sahab’s mardaangi just because he appeared to be carrying something that has traditionally been associated with women.



And what followed was a series of taunts and jabs at the man for daring to be expressive with what he felt like wearing that night

People felt they were being too funny by mocking what he chose to wear (or carry)


While most had jokes about his masculinity


Others even mocked certain professions

As if being a nayee is a very lowly thing.


In a press conference, Sheikh Rashid was asked a question by a reporter about the “handbag” and he clarified that it was a “lifafa” carrying his “Dou pound ka cigar


It may or not have been a handbag that Sheikh sahab was carrying, but mocking him in case he was, is extremely disgusting. Feminine things aren’t lowly or worse than, and mockery of anyone for expressing themselves the way they choose to, needs to stop.


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