Sheheryar Munawar Thinks Real Men Are Feminists And I Appreciate His Existence Even More Now

By Sajeer Shaikh | 7 Feb, 2019

I’m just going to start this off by saying that a) I love Sheheryar Munawar and b) I’m a feminist. Both of those things will tie in together real quick within this piece. I’ll get to the second part in a bit, but let’s slow down and talk a bit about Sheheryar for a while.

For anyone who’s a fan, you guys get that there’s a LOT to love here.


…aesthetic appeal aside…

…(which is present in great abundance, might I add)…

…he’s also super talented.

Additionally, he’s basically besties with my #WomanCrushEveryday, Mahira Khan, soooo…yeah.

Ugh, love you two.

But why am I suddenly writing about him out of the blue instead of stalking him on Instagram? Good question. Well, the answer lies in an Instagram post he shared recently.

The post, shared on his Instagram page earlier today, consists of a gift he received from his sister, accompanied by a wonderful note.

The book, titled “Real Men Are Feminists” was accompanied by a note that stated how “Sherri” has a huge platform and he should use it wisely. But the fact that he went on to call this book the “best gift” and used the hashtag #realmenarefeminists is what made my heart skip a beat.

Basically, Sherri’s a feminist, y’all. 

Now, I know what’s happening. If you’re not a feminist, you’re probably thinking that he’s either sucking up to women, or he’s anti-men. Or something along those nonsensical lines, basically.

Dekho, there’s really no “glamorous” side to being a feminist in Pakistan. There are very few people who actually understand the term and associate with it, toh declaring it proudly isn’t winning him any points. The anti-men argument is toh pointless, to begin with, because feminist don’t hate men – they want equality. That’s it.

If you’re a feminist, you’re probably wondering why a male celebrity is being applauded for supporting something everyone should support regardless. And it’s true, feminism is common sense.

Here’s the thing – we need more people like Sheheryar and even Osman Khalid Butt (love you, Obi) to use their platforms to get people to open their minds up to the concept. Yes, women fight this fight every day, but having male allies doesn’t hurt, you know?

I’m just going to sum it all up by saying that I stan Sheheryar Munawar even harder now that I know he’s a feminist. 

Adding a picture of him in the finger-guns pose because I feel like it makes a point.

Anyway, here’s to more people understanding and accepting feminism. What do y’all think about this? Let me know in the comments, friends!


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