Shaniera Akram Just Savagely Shut Down An Extremely Sexist Comment And Wow, Even Men Agree With Her

By Rameeza Ahmad | 30 Oct, 2018

So a guy posted some pretty sexist comments about women and Shaniera Akram came for him

Ameem Haq, who happens to Shoaib Malik’s manager and agent. tweeted something pretty sexist.

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He probably thought it wouldn’t make a difference and no one would even care about his casual misogyny but, he was wrong. He probably regretted ever tweeting this dumb shit. Or maybe he didn’t.

Considering the tweet is still up there and he made no apology, my money is on the latter.

The thing is, if Ameem would have read this tweet aloud to himself, he could have avoided this entire sorry mess because he would have already known how his tweet reeks of archaic gender roles.


Even some of his cricket bros did not believe him, including Hassan Ali.

Is Hassan the woke bae you’ve been waiting for all along?


Sadly though, Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan might have thought he was saying something to make this situation better but he really wasn’t


But it was beloved bhabi Shaniera Akram who simply OWNED Ameem with a single tweet reminding him of what women in the country REALLY do for men

And their hard work goes WAY beyond just making chai.


Other women came to support their sister


And thankfully some men sided with her as well

More woke baes for everyone 🙌🏾


But of course, that interaction led to some intense debate

Some fellow misogynists even told Shaniera to ‘calm down’.

Hopefully, Ameem learned a lesson about how making casual misogynistic comments is no longer acceptable. Twitter is a public place and when you’re a known name with a substantial following, you need to think twice about what you say because it will influence people. And making a remark like that, which may seem like all fun and games to some people is actually the reality for a lot of women who are considered as good for nothing but serving the men in their lives.

We can all learn a lesson from this and be a little more considerate in how we treat people and what we say.

What do you think about Ameem’s tweet? Let us know in the comments.



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