Rumor Has It There's Going To Be A Shake Shack in Lahore, But Is It Really True?

By Sinwan Zahid | 6 Jun, 2018

Little did I know, a portion of Lahori foodies are serious Shake Shack fans and want Shake Shack in Lahore. Most of us have tried it and fallen in love with the burger chain; its crinkle, criss-cross fries while in transit via DXB or when on for a short holiday in Dubai. Others have obviously traveled and lived in other parts of the world to know how truly awesome Shake Shack is.

I mean please, would you look at this tray?

The juicy beef patties and the crisp chicken make you salivate in a heartbeat, especially if you’re a rozaydar like myself

shake shack in lahore

And so it came as no surprise when someone announced this on a Facebook group

I, for one, could not believe my eyes


shake shack lahore
Source: Foodies R Us/Facebook

The group members were quick to pick up on the familiar logo and there was a variety of reactions

There was concern about whether the chain would be able to maintain quality and standards if it came here

Previously some fast food chains have deteriorated in terms of standard and offered us shitty, bad food

shake shack lahore
Source: Foodies R Us/Facebook

Well, we have pretty good burgers here already but I know what you mean, friend

There’s no doubt Shake Shack in Lahore would be absolutely wonderful but hey we’ve still got some pretty great burgers here even if we don’t have Shack Shack

Shake shack lahore
Source: Foodies R Us/Facebook

Their excitement came through… through emojis!

This is my best friend and me when I told her there might possibly be a Shake Shack in Lahore

shake shack lahore
Source: Foodies R Us/Facebook

A perfect representation of a Shake Shack lovaah

shake shack lahore

Source: Foodies R Us/Facebook


Well ok if you want it so much – you’re dreaming

shake shack lahore
Source: Foodies R Us/Facebook

But from here though, it was all downhill – especially this comment OH THE MOUTH ON THIS ONE

Excuse me? The iced tea? That’s all?

shake shack lahore
Source: Foodies R Us/Facebook

Why u gotta ruin this for us?

shake shack lahore
Source: Foodies R Us/Facebook


Trying to distance myself from the obvious truth as much as I can by now

shake shack lahore
Source: Foodies R Us/Facebook

Then came the heartbreaking photographic evidence

The reality began to sink in a bit – mine and your hopes of having a Shake Shack in Lahore slowly crumbling

Source: Foodies R Us/Facebook


So I obviously had to do a comparison…

The jury’s out, my friends

shake shack lahore mangobaaz
Source: Shake Shack wikipedia/Foodies R Us

I also found out that Shake Shack is notorious for not selling franchises

So basically, no one in Pakistan can actually buy Shake Shack and bring it here – like they do in the case of McDonald’s, Hardee’s, some coffee houses, etc. There is also no announcement of the burger chain opening up in Lahore on their Twitter page where they are actively posting.


Bonus proof there will be no Shake Shack in Lahore (for now) because the official Shake Shack confirmed this

This tweet is from May 25th, 2018 and if they say there are no plans, then it isn’t happening.

shack shack lahore
Via Twitter


But let’s admit, that awfully similar logo had us excited/surprised/confused for a minute.


We were kinda, sorta hoping they’d come but oh well </3


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