Shahid Was Being Extra Naughty On His Flight With Ranbir And Karan And I Think I'm In Love

By Iman Zia | 18 May, 2018

Well, if you don’t already know, I’m kind of an Insta story addict, be it a Pakistani celebrity or an international one, I’m probably one of the very first people to watch my faves’ shenanigans (don’t @ me). I’ve always had a crush on Shahid Kapoor, growing up in particular as a wee little teen, and while his Insta stories have always been incredibly mediocre and recycled, with basic selfies and boomerangs of his okayish GORGEOUS face, he’s slowly letting loose on social media and we’re seeing his humorous side…and my oh my is it quite the turn on.


Source: Warner Bros. Television


*cue 13-year-old me, an adolescent never having experienced heartbreak while I longed for Shahid Kapoor*

Deep lyrics.

Source: Big Machine


Before we get down to how deliciously naughty and comedic Shahid has become…

Source: FOX


Let me just form a quick premise of our little story here…

So we’re all aware of Karan Johar’s signature pouts, which have imprinted on us as his official trademark…

Source: @karanjohar/Instagram


Source: @karanjohar/Instagram



So Shahid, Karan and Ranbir Kapoor were onboard a local flight for the annual ‘IIFA’ press conference, where the three would be part of the panel of spokespeople, and while the flight was quick, Shahid’s insta stories honestly left me in love

Well, this one wasn’t the one where I fell for him even harder…(because he’s literally always doing this)




Now, THIS is freaking hilarious, Shahid’s uncanny ‘Karan Johar’ pout is actually SO freaking on point


See it? ???



Bravo Shahid, legit you NAILED IT..who knew the actor had a funny side to him (I mean I didn’t)

Via Tumblr


The actor then turned into fangirl mode, popping his camera slyly to amusingly catch a glimpse of besties Ranbir and Karan (look how busy he is on his phone, pouting away we assume)


Literally, all of us when we see a celebrity

Via Tumblr


We need more of this Shahid on our Insta feeds pls and thanks…less serious stuff, please


Karan meanwhile, was busy on his phone in Shahid’s story, and this is what he came out with, 1) Ranbir and Shahid gossiping


And 2), of course, his signature pout

Source: @karanjohar/Instagram


One more time folks…



Can you nail the Karan Johar pout better than Shahid? Send in your selfies at @therealshowsha on Instagram if you’d like to be featured!


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