Shahbaz Taseer And Salman Ahmad's Twitter Phadda Managed To Drag In Bilawal, Obama, Britney Spears And Ali Azmat

By Ramsha Bhatti | 19 Jul, 2018

Shahbaz Taseer and Salman Ahmed are two people who we probably didn’t think would be at it with each other over Twitter. But they’re in a Twitter phadda as we speak. Individually, they’ve had their fair share of ill-thought out moves on Twitter, albeit in different capacities.

Previously, Shahbaz Taseer made a remark during the FIFA World Cup and it backfired really badly.

Shahbaz Taseer could just not help but add comments on the match between Argentina and Nigeria. Things did not go as he had expected and people were literally forcing him to delete his post regarding Messi. Needless to say, Shahbaz Taseer refused to do so and remained steadfast.

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And Salman Ahmed got schooled recently for his poor choice of words regarding a horrifying tragedy.


Khair, now these guys are at it. And it goes on for a while, so buckle up.

Salman Ahmad shared this tweet a while back.

But Shehryar Taseer stepped in with a reply. 

Did he just compare Britney with Salman Ahmad!?

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Salman Ahmad failed to come up with an appropriate comeback and everything went downhill from there.

And Shehryar Taseer pretty much voiced what people were thinking.


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And from there onwards, Shahbaz Taseer took it upon himself to fight the digital media battle. 

Wait, what?

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Phir phadda full-on shuru.

And the clapbacks kept coming.

Annnddd…Salman Ahmad thought it was a wise idea to hurl stones back.


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Buuuut it didn’t stop there. Shahbaz came in with some pathrao of his own.

And Salman Ahmad could not take it.


Salman Ahmed while typing this, probably. Idk. 

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Anyway, Shahbaz was in no mood to let this go that easily

And Salman responded…calmly? I think?

Am I left with a thousand burning questions? Of course. What was meant by Ali Azmat’s ‘x?’ Why did Obama, Britney and Bilawal get dragged in? Why are two adults fighting on Twitter?

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The two don’t seem to be ready to put down their weapons and we can anticipate a few more entertaining tweets. Let’s wait and see how this twitter feud unravels and ends.


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