Shah Rukh Khan Has Been Getting Trolled By Indians Because His Cousin Is Contesting In Pakistan's Election

By Arslan Athar | 16 Jun, 2018

Due to the partition of the Subcontinent, a lot of Pakistanis and Indians have family members on either side of the border. I have some, you have some and yup, Shah Rukh Khan has some too.


Recently it came to light that a cousin of Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood actor, is contesting in the General Elections in Pakistan

Shahrukhs Cousin In To Politics Bollywood and Pakistan seem to be inseparable at times as there will be some news of the neighbouring terrorist haven in one way or the other. After banning 'Veere Di Wedding' for its expletives and bold content, here comes Pakistan in the news for its Bollywood connect yet again. Not many know that Shah Rukh Khan's ancestors hail from Peshawar before his family settled in Delhi. And there are many relatives of the actor settled in Pakistan after the partition, whom SRK visited when he was 15 years old along with his father. Here is one of his cousins, who is running in elections now. Noor Jehan happens to be a paternal cousin of Shah Rukh and she visited him twice in Mumbai some time ago. She will be running for a Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Assembly seat as an independent candidate. This region is close to the Afghan border and Khan's ancestors hail from that place. Currently, Noor Jehan is asking the voters to support her candidature like they supported her brother's films in Pakistan. Though Khan hasn't said any word about his cousin contesting in elections, his mere name itself is enough to garner attention for her. That's what happening right now in India! SOURCE:GULTE.COM #shahrukhan #pakistan #noorjehan

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Noor Jehan is Shah Rukh Khan’s cousin and she lives in Peshawar. After much thought, she decided to contest elections from Peshawar as an independent candidate. Of course, being related to one of the world’s biggest stars has its perks, one of them being that this news went up everywhere; both in India and in Pakistan.

Sadly, the reaction from India hasn’t been all too great 🙁


Trolls attacked SRK and told him to ‘go to Pakistan’ 

Stuff got pretty intense pretty fast!

Take a chill pill

*see what I did there*

This person sensed some next level conspiracy action

Kuch log kaafi butthurt thay 

There was no end in sight 


Acha bhai, aap ne kuch zyada hi khench liya hai 

SRK for PM? 

Thankfully sanity did prevail over this madness

SRK fans did come to his rescue

Pakistanis were shocked by how bad the trolling had gotten

This person was just done with the trolls and their antics

Kaafi hatred spread hogaya 

If only everyone thought the same way….

It’s really sad to see how something so minor triggered so many to hate on someone who is so beloved. Hopefully the trolling will die down soon.

Good luck to Noor Jehan on the upcoming elections:)

What do you make of all this? Let us know in the comments.



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