39 Times Ranveer Singh Was Just Too Fucking Quirky To Handle

By Sarah Babar | 26 Mar, 2018

If there ever was another inclusion in the list of the Wonders of the World, we’re pretty certain that Ranveer Singh’s name would be it. The man has the energy of a really energetic monkey after like 20 cans of Red Bull. He puts the Energizer Bunny to shame. And it’s always given rise to questions like these

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And there are times when we don’t blame them, because the man’s wardrobe is usually mostly never on point, a little outrageous and always on fireeee ~

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So here it is, just some of the times that y’all just couldn’t handle the king of quirk, the Crown Prince of Bollywood: Ranveer Singh


1. Let’s go easy on you guys, first…this umbrella suit, with the mooch and that floral shirt haye

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2. That floral jacket and that hat and our hearts to go with

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3. What about this amazing ensemble with those crazy eyes?

Source: ScoopWhoop.com



4. Or maybe this amazing sherwani with those chooridars and khussas?

Source: ScoopWhoop.com



5. WHO has this crazy airport fashion? Who else can pull this off?

Source: ScoopWhoop.com



6. Or maybe this retro suit with retro movies and that retro hairstyle and that modern smolder?

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7. This guy’s red carpet looks just don’t stop amazing us…

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8. Especially when he goes and poses with THE Bappi da

Soucre: @ranveersingh / Instagram



9. See, when normal people pose with rickshaws, they pose a little like this

Source: timesofindia.com



Or maybe a little more oomph like this

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But Ranveeeeeer has a little different idea of travelling in rickshaws

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And obviously normal practice is to flex when your ride is over

Source: mensxp.com



10. Maybe these clothes that would have made anyone else look weird but not Ranz

Source: filmibeat.com



11. That Mickey Mouse shirt that makes our hearts EXPLODE

Source: ScoopWhoop.com



12. He can Mario Kart his way riiiight over here

Source: ScoopWhoop.com



13. Look at his looking like the whole festival of Holi

Source: ScoopWhoop.com



14. Just. Look. At. That. Jacket. That. Shirt. That. Skirt. Those. Shoes.

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15. My entire life comprises of praying that one day I’m able to pull off clothes with the kind of ease that Ranveer does

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16. Aaaand now he’s a cowboy…

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17. We mean, who goes to an event for the best dressed men of the year, dressed in a No Fucks Given shirt and Sesame Street pjs and Looney Tunes slippers? We can name one

Source: GQ Magazine



18. Those sunglasses that shirt that swag mera dil

Source: ScoopWhoop.com



19. But how can we be okay when you look like that?

Source: ScoopWhoop.com



20. Dapper has a new name and it is Ranveer Singh

Source: ScoopWhoop.com



21. Taareef keroun kya uski, jis ne tumhein banaya?

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22. There are times when your attention doesn’t even go to Deepika, who’s in the same frame!! Sorry Deepu, we love you so much

Source: ScoopWhoop.com



23. No we mean, what is this?

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24. Or this? Does this get any hotter?

Source: timesnownews.com



25۔ Or crazier?

Source: quora.com



26. Who doesn’t want a bus with their name on it?

Source: @ranveersingh / Instagram



27. He leaves us starry eyed, too

Source: @ranveersingh / Instagram



28. That HDness with that much quirk, sigh

Source: @ranveersingh / Instagram



29. Have you ever come across someone who can pull off a shiny gold suit?

Source: inuth.com



31. Or a bright, Pakola colored skirt?

Source: timesnow.com



32. Please look at that

Source: bollywoodlife.com



33. Haha! We’re looking at you, too

Source: bollywoodlife.com



34. Ranveer can go from skiiiin tight

Source: mensxp.com



35. To flowy all black

Source: mensxp



36. And from totally shiny

Source: mensxp.com



37. To a splash of color and pixels

Source: mensxp.com



38. Don’t mind going into that barber shop ngl

Source: indiaopines.com



39. And this is it, the one that confuses us to no extent: is this mad genius or just mad?

Source: livafluidfashion.com


So there it is, can you beat Ranveer Singh’s quirkiness? Because we sure as hell can’t. What’s been your favorite Ranveer Singh look? Let us know in the comments below! Okay byeee ~


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