This Adorable Pakistani Couple's Love Story Became A Reality Because Of Ranveer Singh

By Hurmat Riaz | 25 Sep, 2017

Ranveer Singh brought this couple together


When it comes to love, there are no boundaries or limitations. You must’ve heard a gazillion stories where an ashiq made history in the quest to achieve their love. For example, Majnu dug up a stream of milk for Laila, Sohni swam across the river to meet her Mahiwaal on a garha.

But in this modern age, stories are different now. A mehboob doesn’t demand chaand taaray but they sure do want something special that’s actually possible.


Meet Aaliyah and Salman

Source: Aaliyah Ansari

Nice couple, right? Lekin awaein hee nahi setting ho gae thi inn ki. There were some trials and tribulations for Salman in order to win Aaliyah’s heart.


Aaliyah has a huge crush on Ranveer Singh

Source: Bhansali Productions / Eros International


She asked Salman one simple thing in order to win her heart: get Ranveer Singh to say her name

Shart ho tou aisi bhai!

This sounds like something close to digging doodh ki nehar but now since we have social media, you can find anyone. So Salman got onto this task of getting Ranveer Singh’s attention by any means.

Via: Giphy


Luckily, he was able to reach out to Ranveer

And guess what? Ranveer did respond!

And he actually says that he’s playing cupid for them. This is so cute  ❤️❤️❤️


Salman surprised Aaliyah by tagging her in the comments and she woke up to this

Source: Aaliyah Ansari / Facebook

Imagine yourself waking up to something like this! *fangirl screaming intensifies*


After this, of course, Aaliyah couldn’t say no and in her own words, it was a rishta pakka type scene. Lolsyy.

Source: Aaliyah Ansari

The couple got married in August 2017 and now Aaliyah has given Salman another mission: make her meet Ranveer Singh and let her hug him.

Ibteday e ishq hai rota hai kya,

Agay agay daikheye, hota hai kya?


Aliyah also thinks Salman is her real-life Ranveer

Do you find any similarities in both of them? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Aaliyah Ansari


Also, Ranveer Sahab, are you listening? For rest of the singletons out there, please play cupid again. Pretty please. Thank you. You’re amazing.

Source: Yash Raj Films


Who would you like to play cupid for your love story?


Cover image via: Aaliyah / Eros International

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