Shah Rukh Khan Raised His Voice For Women Who Can't, Last Night, And It's Heartwarming

By Sarah Babar | 23 Jan, 2018

Shah Rukh Khan does not warrant an introduction. The man is a phenomenon within himself. He’s the brand and he’s the product. Millions upon millions of people swoon over the sight of him on screen. He’s an actor, a director, a producer, a philanthropist and an extremely active social rights’ activist.




Recently, in Davos, he was awarded during the Crystal Awards at the World Economic Forum.


He was awarded for his contribution to spreading awareness about human rights. In his acceptance speech, he brought up a lot of things


He spoke about victims of acid attacks


Shah runs the ‘Meer Foundation’, named after his father Meer Taj Muhammad Khan, that provides support to female victims of acid attacks through medical, psychological and legal aid. The foundation also provides vocational training and rehabilitation to them. Moreover, he has created specialized children’s hospital wards and has been supporting childcare centers with free boarding for for children undergoing cancer treatment.


He also said that while we consider women to be the weaker sex that is victimized by such heinous acts


Every single woman that he’s met, through his foundation, had the courage to move on with their lives and shed the image of being victims. He said that everything they’d gone through had only made them stronger and set them free to make the choices that they were always told them they could not or should not make.


Shah brought up entitlement and resources


He also said that there is a pool of resources that everyone is entitled to but only some have access to it. Whether it is by accident, by design, talent and sheer hard work.


We need more and more celebrities to raise their voices for imperative issues and talk about things others are too afraid to talk about. What do you think about Shah Rukh Khan’s statements regarding women’s rights? Let us know in the comments below


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