A Pakistani Girl Posted This Sexist Tweet Aur Feminists Ko Aag Lag Gayi

By Momina Mindeel | 19 Sep, 2017

One sexist tweet has turned Twitter in Pakistan into a savage battle ground

The culprit is one Sonia Khan, a self professed caffeine addict who tweets about random things ranging from jokes, mundane rants about everyday problems, memes, social commentary etc. etc.


Here’s the tweet in question that has riled people up

Honestly, I don’t even understand what was going in her mind when decided to say something this sexist. Sonia believes in a male dominant society (just to be absolutely clear, it’d be a society where males are the real, ultimate authority over everything) because she thinks God has given them the authority… ummm… okayy…


Gentlemen on Twitter were generally very happy at the comments


They even went on to mock some feminists


But the more woke people aka Feminists just could not wrap their heads around the bizarre tweet


Honestly, some of the humor laced replies were pretty hilarious


And borderline PG rated


Some people even asked for proof supporting her statement


Sonia had a reply for all the feminists coming at her

She tried to clear the air by calling it just her own opinion but it is important to realize that the tweet was not only a little condescending in nature, it did sound a lot like stating something as a religious face, especially when it is said among people who take religion really seriously.

While it’s true that everybody is entitled to their own opinion and that social media has given a voice to everyone, it must also be understood that our words hold responsibility. There’s already enough casual sexism and misogyny in the world and these things (coming from a woman, especially) will do nothing but perpetuate patriarchy even further.

By all means, express your concerns and doubts about the roles of men and women but let’s try and not be rigid and condescending about them. It’s always better to hold an informed argument than just downright putting a gender down, don’t you think?

What do you guys think of the whole thing? Let us know in the comments.


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