Season 7 Of Game Of Thrones Is Coming And Here's What Will Definitely Happen

By Iman Zia | 19 Jan, 2017

It feels like a lifetime since I bawled my eyes out watching the epic whirlwind that was the season 6 finale of Game Of Thrones. Nonetheless, with the winter season just about ending, exciting snippets of news have begun to surface of season 7 of what is possibly the greatest show in human existence.

Let’s not forget that our treasured show only has two more seasons to go, but let’s not think about that until it’s absolutely necessary. Let’s just pray to the heavens above that The Starks JUST END UP ALRIGHT.

 Spolier Alert, Just btw 

So rumors are a buzzin’ that a certain dead character is set to make a comeback. The show has already transcended King George R.R. Martin’s novels, and unpredictability is at an all time high.

Source:  HBO

The evil Lord Walder Frey (the man behind the heart wrenching Red Wedding massacre) is supposed to be returning. The last time we saw him was in the finale when Arya cooked up the best form of revenge possible and slit his throat after feeding him a deliciously baked pie of his two sons (dayum Arya)!

If you really think about it, there are two speculations as to how Lord Walder Frey could be making a return.

1. Through Bran’s visions

Bran’s abilities could catapult him straight into the Red Wedding where he’ll witness the deaths of his brother and mother. Maybe that’s where he’ll see Arya. That’s possibly the only place we see Walder Frey.

Source: Tumblr


2. Arya impersonating him with her face-changing abilities

This is the most widely accepted theory that brings a plausible explanation. Arya’s new skill to change face could have her mold into Walder Frey for the ultimate revenge. It’s possible, seeing as she’s gone all out in Kill Bill mode.

Source: Pinterest

Speaking of Arya, she still has quite a few more kills to make on her list

Including Cersei Lannister, Ser Ilyn Payne, The Hound, Melisandre and Thoros of Myr. While the list is full of those she knows were definitely involved against her family, there are others who’ve had a role in killing the Starks like Littlefinger, Roose Bolton, Then Greyjoy and of course evil little Ramsay Bolton.

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Let’s not forget Gendry, who I’m just anticipating with a nervous sweat that he doesn’t keel over and die and reunites with his soulmate Arya.

Source: Tumblr

That said, season 7 will be quite the whirlwind. I leave you with this quote:

‘When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.’


Oh, and this:


Sunday, June 25th is the day people. Mark your calendars, peasants, for the winter has finally arrived.

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