The 21 Things That You ACTUALLY Miss About School When You're An Adult

By Biya Haq | 6 May, 2017

It seems as if now more than ever people are leading busy lives, going from one stage of life to the next and it’s usually when we’re running around from one place to another that we miss simpler times, slower times: schoooool times. School was the best time ever and even though I would never want to relive taking classes, waking up early and the horrible SAT’s and O levels (cringe) ever again, there definitely were things from school that I actually miss.


1. The first day of classes

The only reason this was fun was because it was the one day in school that was actually meant for doing nothing but meeting your friends, getting acquainted with your teachers and pretending to care about the course syllabus.

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2. Bunking class

Okay so I was a complete chicken in school and went to every single class but uff, that one time I skipped art class in the 5th grade (7th of April), what a thrill.



3. Hanging out with friends all day

School was basically one big hangout session. You’d sit together in class, run around during break, eat together at lunch and then do it all again the next day.

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4. Zoning out in class

There’s something to be said about how fun it was to blankly stare into space no matter what was happening around you. Whether you were dreaming about your crush, lunch or imagining yourself in space, the bliss of thinking about literally nothing is something I would kill for nowadays.

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5. Eating literally all the time

Okay so truthfully, I do this pretty much now too – but in school you’d be snacking on one thing or another all.the.time. Were you hungry? No. Was it lunch time? Nope. Completely full? Doesn’t matter- if my friend has canteen ke fries, you best believe I was snacking on them. #FirstNameAlwaysLastNameHungry

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6. The excitement of the moment you find out your teacher is absent

Hands down the best thing to ever happen at school. Seeing a sub walking into class was basically Eid and your birthday wrapped into one. I did feel pretty bad for whoever the poor soul was though, subbing is not for the faint hearted.

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7. Going to tuition classes with every single one of your class fellows after school

Acha toh tuition ki avara gardiiiii tho kuch aur hee thi. Tuition was in no way, shape or form a place to actually study. Sorry mama.

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8. Gossiping

“Did you hear about Saadia’s sister’s boyfriend? Bohot hot hai yaaaaaar“. Gossiping with your friends during/after and before school was the best thing ever. I mean, not that most of us don’t do this now, but it was more cheeky in school, nai?

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9. Writing and doodling all over your desks/uniforms

Bored class mai hona hee tha, so randomly doodling, writing and vandalizing everything around you was the perfect guilty pleasure and time pass.

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10. Sneaking food in class

Remember that point about eating literally all the time? Yup, even in class. A friend of mine was caught cheating on her mock but really, she was just sneaking magic corn from her desk. #Priorities.



11. Cramming for exams the night before in “study groups” with your friends

Going to the library to ‘study’ was the best excuse to get your friends together to do pretty much everything but study. Sorry again mama.

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12. Cheating during the exams you crammed for

You will never know the true meaning of the word innovation until you are trying to figure out a way to cheat in your exams. Top of the ear for choice A, ankle tap for choice B.

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13. Last day of exams

Uff, the last day of exams was the best. The only thing everyone had to do was chill, party and sleep, no tension at all. Of course this was only until grades were given, phir tho bus chill, sleep, party – sab khatam.



14. Any kind of bonfire/carnival

Everyone knows these carnivals were the original poondi spots. The place you could go to meet all your baes or scout out any new crushes.



15. Playing savage pranks on your friends

Especially the ones you played on your teachers. My class threw a fake lizard at my kathak teacher and she literally had a conniption. It was the funniest/saddest thing I had ever witnessed in school. I feel bad for this now, but kaafi maza aata tha. Sorry teacher Nuzhat! I mean not really but choro.



16. Water fights

Nothing was better than an ice cold water fight on a hot summer day. Being sick the next day and not coming to school was a pretty good plus. Waisay ink fights were fun too, and Coke fights, Fanta, basically anything sasta from the canteen that we could throw.

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17. Playing all your favorite games before first period, during break time and at home time

Baraf Paani, Koh, Kings and Tag were just some of the games we all used to play in school. Kids nowadays know how to work an iPhone before they can walk but won’t ever want to actually play outside. V sad.



18. Canteen ka khana

No one had better haleem than my canteen. Yum yum yum, warm naan, hot haleem and not a trouble in the world- now that’s what I call a good Friday morning.

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19. New school supplies

Getting new school supplies was the absolute best thing ever, tons of copies, colorful stationary and erasers that came in every shape in size that we’d all lose on the first day of class, every year.



20. Paddhay aur laraiyaan

Doesn’t matter if you were in class, taking an exam or just about to go home, if there was a fight happening, you had to be there. Also didn’t matter if you knew the people, paddha toh paddha hota haiiiiii.

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No matter how fun school was, the last bell was something straight out of heaven – of course until it was ruined by the teachers who kept us there longer than we needed to be held. Wow I actually still hate you like asal wala hate. Rude.

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School was super fun but let’s be honest – college 5ever.

Feeling nostalgic? Same. What was your favorite part about school? Let us know in the comment section so we can be senti together.


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