Sarfaraz Ahmed Is Being Brutally Trolled After Saying Pakistan Will Make 500 Runs Against Bangladesh

By Rameeza Ahmad | 5 Jul, 2019

Sarfaraz Ahmed is being trolled brutally after claiming that Pakistan will make 500 runs against Bangladesh.

Since the Cricket World Cup 2019 has started the Pakistani team has invoked many different reactions from fans. From anger to resentment to love and what not; the team has taken fans to extremes of emotions in a matter of days. Initially, people had all but given up hope of Pakistan progressing to the semi-finals. But as time went on and the team won the match against England and Afghanistan people became more hopeful.

Pakistanis bust out their calculators to see what the team would have to do in order to win. And one of the conditions was for England to win against India which didn’t happen. Then all hopes were put into place for New Zealand to beat England which again, did not end up happening.

All of this has led to people losing all hope even though Pakistan still has a match against Bangladesh left. And the only hope in hell Pakistan has of qualifying for semi-finals is if they score an impossibly high number tomorrow.

And of course, Captain Sarfaraz Ahmed knows of this as well which is why he claimed that Pakistan will score 500 runs tomorrow but instead of cheering him on. Pakistani fans were more realistic; they trolled him.

The memes were exquisite.

It really felt like we’re back in school.

It’s not that fans don’t think this high a score is impossible – more like the Bangladeshi team is really talented.

Others talked about the match being lost even before it begins depending on the toss.


Honestly, if nothing else the match tomorrow should prove to be very interesting to watch. Even though most Pakistani fans know we have a very high possibility of losing, we’re still going to be hoping and praying for a miracle of some sort. And honestly, you never know right…?

What do you think of Sarfaraz’s claims? Let us know in the comments below.


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