Actress Sana Has Been Going After Noor Bukhari And We Honestly Don't Know What's Going On

By Sarah Babar | 10 May, 2018

Okay, so we’re just a little bit confused over what’s been going on lately. It seems as though all our celebrities, be it our internet stars, or actual film and television celebrities have been going after each other and straight for each other’s throats. Whether it has been the whole Shaam Idrees and Ducky Bhai controversy where the two have constantly been trying to tear the other down. As of late, we saw one of the most senior actresses of our industry, Sana Fakhar, go after Noor Bukhari


Noor Bukhari, if you guys remember, completely let go of her acting career, a while ago

Source: @realnoorbukhari Instagram

She took to the internet to announce the fact that she would be quitting acting, completely, and she endorsed the hijab and chose Islam as her way of life. Since then, Noor has been very active on YouTube, putting up both religious and personal videos!


However, here is what we saw, today

Source: @galaxylollywood / Instagram


This comes as a surprise because Noor and Sana were known to be quite amicable with one another



Noor’s ex-husband Wali Hamid Ali Khan from, Raga Boys, also jumped into the conversation under Sana’s post and left a very cryptic message


Wali roughly said that it was Noor who left the field of acting and not the other two. This just gets us even more confused over what could have possibly happened for everyone to be weighing in their thoughts and getting into the entire mess


Noor also took to her Instagram to throw some massive shade on, we’re not saying Sana, but it was someone for sure

via Instagram


via Instagram


We’re waiting to see what else happens in this story, because we’re low-key super curious.



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