You NEED To Follow These Pakistani Celebrities For Their Insta Stories Because They're Entertaining AF

By Iman Zia | 10 May, 2018

Insta stories have honestly become my latest binge-watch. And I’ve noticed that our Pakistani celebrities have built incredibly unique personalities through the platform, with their quirky and individualistic Insta stories that have become not just my midnight guilty pleasure, but also a slight infatuation as I often find myself swiping up every hour or so to catch up on what my personal faves are doing.


Humaima Malick

Let’s start off with this gorgeous queen. She’s so sassy, so confident and so charismatic, her insta stories exude her personality – in particularly these three traits. If you want a real-life version of Poo from ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham,’ well we found you one.



HSY loves himself. He loves himself SO MUCH, and he’s got SUCH an overtly self-assured trait that embodies his entire soul. Did I mention he loves himself? Make this man the core of a reality show, and watch it set sail. He’s one of those people you just love to hate, but you just can’t. stop. watching. his. insta. stories (because he’s so overtly expressive to the point where it’s just pure entertainment).


Sadia Khan

Our next celebrity to binge-watch for insta story is our delicate fairy, actor, and model Sadia Khan. While she might be prominently known for these two talents, she also has a third talent she LOVES unleashing on Insta stories; the gift of music. She has such a soulful voice, it’s obvious she’s the full package!


Shahroz Sabzwari

This man loves two things: well firstly, of course, his family, where he’ll always give us snippets of his beautiful wife Syra and daughter Nooreh…(which we totally made a veme out of)

WAIT UNTIL THE END ???? #MommyGoals #SyraShahroz #ShahrozSabzwari

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…and his gym sessions

Source: @shahrozsabzwari/Instagram


Syra Shahroz

Syra is honestly such family goals. Her little bundle of joy Nooreh and husband Shahroz are literally all she loves posting about, and we can’t get enough! Oh, we made a veme about that too.

❤️ #syrashahroz #shahrozsabzwari ???FOLLOW @therealshowsha FOR MORE???

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Mikaal Zulfiqar

Ah, the single father, and quite the incredible one at that too! He gives you two things; his extravagant work life:

Source: @mikaalzulfiqar/Instagram


Source: @mikaalzulfiqar/Instagram


And his beautiful daughters and mother (honestly, our favorite reason to watch his insta stories)!

Source: @mikaalzulfiqar/Instagram


Babar Zaheer

Pakistan’s most celebrated makeup artist and quirky AF Babar Zaheer is always updating us drama fans with inside scoop with his faves, from Sajal Aly, Ahad Raza Mir, Mahira Khan and Hania Aamir amidst so many more! He’s so fun to watch, and he’s got SUCH a busy lifestyle, but he never fails to show us what it takes to get a drama onto telly; we see it through his eyes, and it’s SO addictive!

Source: @iambabarzaheer/Instagram



Aiman Khan

Aiman is just SO freaking adorable, and she’s always showing us how much she loves fiancé Muneeb Butt – they’re SUCH goals and they’re always updating, and giving hope to us single gals out there that true love does exist!



Zara Noor Abbas

Another gal who’s always besotted by her adorable new hubby, Asad Siddiqui – and another Pakistani couple giving us hope that not all is lost in such a broken world.


Sadaf Kanwal

Not only a fave model of mine but someone who is such a bright soul, she’s always a ray of sunshine whose Insta story I anticipate! Sadaf gives us a glimpse of her glitzy model zindagi, LOVES boomerangs, and we always know what project she’s working on…

Source: @sadafkanwal/Instagram



And all her besties!



Ahmed Ali Butt

Hilarious AF, he’s quite the maestro when it comes to carefully integrating gifs into all his insta stories, turning a boring, empty airport lounge into a fiesta with Deadpool, Homer Simpson, and Will Smith. He’s SUCH a comedian.

Source: @ahmedalibutt/Instagram


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