Oh Fakh, Sana’s Going To Leave You SPEECHLESS With Her Sexy Transformation

By Iman Zia | 27 Sep, 2018

Chiseling out abs post-pregnancy ain’t no walk in the park, and there’s honestly nothing more motivational than hearing a weight loss journey from a new mother. We’ve got really health-conscious mamas in our entertainment industry too, from Mathira, Syra Shahroz to Sanam Jang; they’ve all lost credible amounts of weight after giving birth in very laudable ways, serving as sole inspiration for all us budding mamas out there.



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More recently, actress Sana Fakhar has hopped on the bandwagon of incredible transformations after she debuted her rockhard abs on social media

She also mentioned the different types of workouts she incorporates into her routine.


The actress has been serving some serious workout realness and it’s really paid off in the last six months



Like, dayummmm mama

Me rn as I sit with my KFC bucket…

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Sana is regularly posting her workouts on her Instagram account, and they’re legit evident of how hard she’s been working to get that bod

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Her captions too are notable – she’s really embraced the fitness life, and often stresses how it’s a change in lifestyle

“Lifestyle of fitness, being a symbol of confidence, courage, and inner strength, that girls of all ages can look up to for inspiration, transforming dreams into realities.”

Source: @sana_fakhar/Instagram


The last sentence though… “…that girls OF ALL AGES can look up to for inspiration, transforming dreams into realities”

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Her fans have nothing but love for the real MVP

Source: @sana_fakhar/Instagram


Source: @sana_fakhar/Instagram


Source: @sana_fakhar/Instagram


Source: @sana_fakhar/Instagram


Source: @sana_fakhar/Instagram


Source: @sana_fakhar/Instagram


Source: @sana_fakhar/Instagram


Source: @sana_fakhar/Instagram


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