Whoops, Careem’s Attempt At Trolling Captain Sarfaraz Ahmed Just Backfired Really Badly

By Rameeza Ahmad | 27 Sep, 2018

Careem just attempted to troll Sarfaraz

After last night’s match, people were pretty disillusioned with Pakistan’s Cricket Team.

And of course, everyone was talking shit about them. And seeing how the tide had turned on the entire team, Careem decided to join in on the fun too.


The company tweeted Captain Sarfaraz Ahmed to sign up as a captain now that the team had spectacularly lost and exited the Asia Cup tournament.


And of course, the cab service wasn’t serious but the tweet did not down go down well with the public.

And of course, Careem was quick to make clarifications that they did not mean any disrespect whatsoever since they hold their Careem Captains in the highest regard as well.

But the apology had little effect since everyone still decided to use the hashtag #BoycottCareem.

And a few even went as far as to uninstall the application from their phones.

Considering Careem was only jumping on the bandwagon of hating the cricket team on Twitter, it’s a little unfair to boycott them for just having a little fun. While of course, official accounts have a certain responsibility on them to act in a certain way, Careem’s Twitter presence has always been very quirky.

So we can expect something like this from them. But should we accept brands adopting quirky human personas on social media while ditching the traditional professional tone. That remains subjective since a lot of people enjoyed Careem’s tweet as well.

So the tweet really depends on individual perspective and sense of humor.

What did you think about Careem’s tweet? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover Image Source: Sri Lanka/MENAbytes

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