Here Are All The Times Sana Fakhar's Zaalim Moves Put Sheila And Munni To Shame

By Iman Zia | 16 Oct, 2018

Sana Fakhar will forever be known as one of Lollywood’s reigning queens in the early 00’s. The actress rose to prominence with her role in Syed Noor’s ‘Sangam’ also starring Resham and Shaan. The stunning actress flaunted her voluptuous body and accentuated curves in countless films where she showcased her impressive dance skills.



And while we all celebrate Katrina Kaif in ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ for revolutionizing the following cascade of item songs in Indian cinema, we must NOT dismiss Sana (you’ll find out in a bit)

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‘Sheila Ki Jawaani’ brought forth countless item songs in Bollywood, from the famous ‘Munni Badnam Hui,’ to ‘Fevicol Se’ and ‘Chikni Chameli.’ Bollywood soon became a haven for item songs injected into almost every mainstream masala film, and it became a norm. More recently, we’ve got a new item song queen on the block – Sunny Leone, who’s gorgeous curves have set the screen on fire with songs like ‘Laila’ and ‘Trippy Trippy.’

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It’s glorious to see item songs progress in India, but we have to talk about our own 00’s reigning Lollywood queen, Sana Fakhar who undoubtedly raised the bar with her exceptional, fiery dances

The actress was often cast opposite Shaan, and the two undeniably had sizzling chemistry. I mean just look at this song – you will be BLOWN away. She’s hitting all the right beats, shaking her hips in such a systematic manner, and giving belly dancing a wonderfully desi twist.


‘Aggan Laggiyan’ is one of my personal favorites. Sana looks absolutely riveting in a fitted pencil lehenga and an off-shoulder blouse. She’s got them abs on point and never misses a beat with really contained hip thrusts. It isn’t a walk in the park you know, having to emulate the energy the song projects while also balancing the feminity behind the dance – but Sana does it fantastically. Oh, and she’s got heels on yo. L E G E N D right here.


‘Doodh Pee Lai Zalima’ might be the most twisted name for a song EVER, but who cares when Sana serves you with the most ‘hips don’t lie’ vibe EVER!!!


‘Jaddo Diyan Teray Naal’ is another personal favorite of mine because it’s not your usual item song. You’ll see very well placed dollops of kathak entwined into this item number. She’s wearing bells on her feet, and it’s a new take on item songs we hadn’t really seen in Lollywood. Her facial expressions here are very contained, subtle and conform to the overarching kathak theme. Bravo Sana, really!


Saima and Laila, I love you gals but I’m sorry, Sana legit SHINES like a freaking diamond in this number. I chose to show you all this particular song ‘Nasha Jawani Da’ only because she’s still seductively stealing all screen presence despite wearing a simple black dress. Her facial expressions must be lauded, because even in the most difficult twirls and hip thrusts, Sana manages to look exquisite with the most killer smile.


‘Kand Chilli Gayi Sajna’ is the most exhilarated you’ll ever find Sana. The cuts are long and you can see just how well trained the actress is as she frolicks around the rooftop with sharp turns and refined moves. She transitions from royal blue to orange, both shimmering and fitted perfectly on her GORJJJJJ body.


So how about it ladies and gents? Isn’t Sana just F A B U L O U S?


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