Scientists In China Just Made Babies Using Female Mice Only So RIP Men

By Rameeza Ahmad | 16 Oct, 2018

Two female mice reproduced on their own so I guess we don’t need men anymore


Nowadays, things are looking up for women. Whether it’s representation in politics or making it to the big screen, girls are running this WORLD.

And, men, be prepared to be freaked out if you weren’t already

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Scientists in China have just successfully had two female mice reproduce with one another without the help of a male mouse.

Yep. You read that right. Apparently, the researchers at Chinese Academy of Sciences have been working on this research for quite a while and only recently have been successful. They successfully reproduced mouse pups without any sperm!

They tried to reproduce with two male mice as well, but the babies produced through that process did not survive for more than 2 days after birth and had several genetic defects as well.

But the mice which were a result of the two female mice (bi-maternal) lived up to adulthood and even reproduced their own mouse pups without any issues.


Yep, lads! That’s right two FEMALE mice successfully reproduced on their own. Take that in.

In traditional reproduction, there is an egg involved from the female and sperm from the male which fertilizes the egg. But in this case, the sperm was omitted and a special type of cell called the haploid embryonic stem cell was used from one of the females.

But of course, it wasn’t as simple as that. Scientists had to use a procedure known as Gene Editing to delete certain genetic instructions to successfully reproduce a healthy litter.

But dudes, don’t get too worried about your worth as yet since the procedure is a long way off from being perfected enough to be used on human subjects. And even if it was, the ethical concerns are also present which need to be addressed as well.

So, men, you’re safe… for now.

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But as science advances rapidly, are any of us really safe? Just kidding, yes we are (hopefully)!

What do you think of this latest scientific discovery? Let us know in the comments.

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